Tuesday, 5 January 2010

xmas and New Year Rundown

I thought I'd do a little xmas/New years run down, it was a pretty busy one so there was no time for blogging, I will try to be brief!

So first there was the work Xmas party.
As I mentioned before I'd ordered a dress from asos specially for it, and they sent me the wrong bloody one! annoying...So I wore an old one instead, and I got lots of compliments so it all worked out ok. Plus they have now sent me the correct dress, so I need an excuse to go out soon! :)

The Party itself was good, really nice place and everyone looked stunning.

Christmas was spent at my Mum and Dads and it was great to go there as a guest, every other Christmas I've lived there so it was actually nice to go and visit for a few days.

I got some lovely presents including these:

and this:

and this

New year's eve was spent in a big mansion up in Lincoln. A friend of ours works there at a sort of childrens adventure weekend place (where they do high ropes, kayaking etc) and as it was out of season the staff were there but visitors weren't, which meant we had the big place all to ourselves and pick of the rooms. All it cost us was the cost of petrol to get there and the drink we brought with us. It was great night.

So that's pretty much it,
here's to an equally eventful 2010!

Monday, 4 January 2010