Monday, 26 October 2009

The List

I've become a bit of a perv lately. I just seem to be obsessed with a few celebs.  I thought I'd share and try and explain some of the stranger ones. It's not your typical list, not the usual 'George Clooney, Brad Pitt'... oh no....

So my current obsession is Russell Howard. I'm not sure what it is about him, maybe it's his silly sense of humour. Up until recently I could never imagine him doing anything remotely sexy without saying something stupid like 'let me pleasure you with my mighty wizards wand of glory' but he gave a look the other day on his new show that was pure filth. I can totally imagine it now!
....Yea his eyes are a little too close together but I still would!

Next on my list is Jack Whitehall. He's not so much about the looks. His hair is a bit ridiculous (if he was mine I'd get that sorted out!) but again, I think it's the sense of humour. Who doesn't want a guy that can make them laugh?! And he's so well spoken, that really does it for me too. He's silly, but he has manners. He is only 21 though... I feel like a bit of a pervert.

Jame Marsden is next. I've mentioned him on my blog a few times. If you've seen 'Gossip' you'll see what I'm talking about. hmmm.... and he's older, so I'm less of a perv now. This is my favourite picture of him. How cute!

Now we all know about my love for Zac Efron. We have this poster up in the flat, framed! You can't deny he's a good looking guy, and he can dance! ... and yes, I feel slightly like a perv again, but he's 21 now. Even though we will always think of him in his HSM days. Hopefully his next film gets rid of that image. He looks particularly gorgeous in 17 again!

And then there's Robbie Williams. I've always loved him. There's something about him. I can imagine having great conversations with him (along with other things! *wink wink!*) I love the lyrics in his songs and say want you want about him, he's an entertainer! The confidence he has is amazing and I love that. 

So basically it seems I generally go for more than looks (good good, not as shallow as I thought!) and I like a cheeky chappy that can dance, can make me laugh and not take themselves too seriously....And the odd drug problem or being under age isn't a problem, apparently!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Yes, I am a Primark snob!

Now I've never been a massive Primark fan as it is. When I can be bothered I've braved it for the odd pair of socks or something for a fancy dress night, but I dont visit frequently, not if I can help it!
I imagine this is going to offend quite a few people. But I hate the place!
I get really disappointed if I see someone wearing something and they tell me it's from Primark. I know I won't have it as
(1) I can't bring myself to spend money on something I know will fall apart after one wash
(2) I hate going in there.
I had to go in there earlier to get some tights for the photoshoot, admittedly I could have gone to Topshop but knew I'd be spending much more, and as I won't be wearing bright pink tights again, it didn't seem to make sense to spend more than a pound on them! 
I've never been to the Marble arch Primark, but I won't be going back! It was crazy! And it was a mess! Soooo many people rummaging through sooo many clothes, the whole place smelling of plastic, everything on wrong hangers (not that the sizes are right anyway!) ugh, it was not an enjoyable experience.
The other day someone at work was wearing some blue boots, she said they were from Primark so I thought I'd have look, I had to make joining the HUGE que worth while! I was close to buying them but after carrying them around I felt how cheap they felt, it just didn't do it for me! I figured if I spent another £30 they would last much longer.
I know people are saving the pennies these days but I say, go without for a while, save a bit and buy something decent! It will be so much more worth it in the end!