Tuesday, 15 September 2009

puss in boots

So I bought these bootbeauties the other day.

My lovely suede thigh high boots
These ...

...are also on my list but decided to go with the boots purely based on for value for money
ie -more material for the price.
But the blue suede shoes...


...shall be mine soon.

I call them my hooker boots, though I have to make sure I don't make them look too hooker-y. Basically no wearing them with red plastic mini skirts!!
(I'm sure I can manage that!)

I wore them to work the other day with my american apparel leggings and a long cardigan. If anything can make an outfit innocent, it's a cardigan! I've got my jumper dress and tights planned to wear with it too. I've got to experiment really. I'm sure I can work it out,
Though any ideas are welcome!

I ♥ them

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