Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Clear out

I'm having a clear out. I'm attempting to be ruthless but I just can't do it!
Throwing stuff away is hard! I've managed a whole bin bag full (which is mostly full of old bras!) but there doesn't seem to be any less stuff!

I have this little devil on my shoulder going
"yea, you've never worn it but what about Halloween?"or
"that will look great at a beach party"

I've thrown out the infamous 'Mrs Matt' pants we wore for Matt on his 19th. and the t shirt with all the boys faces on it that they got us for one Christmas. It's a bit sad really.
I even found my old PE t shirt.
I did find I
have had a lot of crude t shirts.
'Ride me cowboy... all night long!''at it like rabbits'

I'm actually wearing a skirt and top from about 2004 (fits better now than it did then, I think I was a chubby teenager!) just to make a point to myself that I still need it!

And this is just the clothes! Imagine when I get to the shoes! Oh I'm going to be here forever!

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  1. I just typed 'Superfcuk t-shirt' into google to try and find a pic of the one I used to have... and your blog came up at the top of the search results!