Friday, 7 August 2009

Make up, make up

I went on a little shopping trip today, my shoulder's starting to feel better and really needed to get out of the house.

I needed some more hair rollers, I there were the biggest I could find but they'll do for now. I need some volume! I got a new foundation brush and this really cute little eye cream/glitter (Jewel eye pot by MEMEME no.2 -for those interested!) that I really don't need but I thought it was fabulous! It has the creme on the top and at the bottom has a section with matching glitter. I'm sure I'll end up having every colour.

There were a few things by GOSH but I couldn't bring myself to buy any as they weren't on 3 for 2! Cheap, I know but that offer is on so often it seems like I'm being short changed!

I've also finally found the purple eye colour I've been looking for for so long. Nothing else has seemed bright enough, but Barry M have just bought out this limited edition gem!

And the best result was when I got out of the shop and checked the receipt I saw that the guy forgot to scan the dazzle dust! So it was free! woooo! I'd feel guilty but it was his fault, not mine -he was chatting to his mate the whole time! That'll teach him to give better customer service!


  1. They are the rollers I have!

  2. I realise that now. Although in my defence when you said yours were metal I was picturing enormous solid salon ones.

    They are well good for £3.91!

  3. Have you been to the new Westfield yet?!

  4. Of course Emma, I think my first trip was back in Novemeber and I've been several times since. I love it! I made the mistake of going on Boxing Day -never again!

  5. so lucky with the free dazzle dust! I love it when that happens, or you get more change than your meant to :D