Monday, 10 August 2009


Basically over the past few weeks my boobs have,
let's just say 'blossomed'.

I have no idea why, no it's not 'that time of the month' I'm not pregnant and all my clothes (apart from my bras and tight tops!) still fit so I'm pretty sure I haven't gained weight.

People at work think I had a secret boob job in Mexico!

I was shopping with the girls (the actual girls, not my breasts! -behave) yesterday and they were telling me to get fitted. I was wearing a really crap bra and didn't want to show some stranger ready to put a tape around my boobs.
I've been wearing a 34C for as long as I can remember so needless to say I was falling out of it a bit too (oooh Trinny and Susanna would be so ashamed!)

So today I have been doing a bit of DIY. With the help of some websites, now I say 'help', some were just ridiculous.

After measuring myself properly, (ie. not just sat at the computer juggling a tape measure with talking to Cass on facebook chat -doing it this way I was coming up with 36AA's and that's just silly!) I noted down the measurements and started to do my research.

I started out with a bra size calculator, sounded easy enough, just a case of entering the numbers and BAM:

Bra calculator no1: 36B
(this place asked me to do 3 measurements above, below and across the bust ?)
Bra calculator no2: 34C
Bra calculator no3: 36A

... I wasn't having much luck, so decided to go for the old fashioned way. I looked on different websites for how they tell you to calculate your bra size.
Ann Summers:
M&S: 34DD
La Senza: 34D was all looking promising, at least now they were all similar and more realistic sizes!
Honeys Lingerie
Give me Bliss :30F!!Debenhams :34D
Ultimo 34D
Agent Provocateur 34D

So it seems 34D is the favourite, but maybe it would be best to go for the old fashioned lady with the tape to make sure!


  1. I wish my boobs would blossom! haha, yeah I think the best idea would be too go get properly fitted. M&S is properly the best place for this :)

  2. Looks like my guess is pretty accurate!

  3. They're alright in those shops. Just think they will always have someone muchhh worse! Hairy/smelly armpits if you pleeeease!
    : ) x

  4. ...not that you're bad!
    I'm digging myself a hole here. You'll get the gist I hope!