Monday, 13 July 2009


Ambre Solaire Fake Tan for the face - after wearing a hat most of the time on holiday my face is much lighter than the rest of me, so this baby is working a treat!
Dairy Milk with crunchie bits -I'd forgotten how moreish it was!
Going back to work after holiday -As much as I miss the Mexican sunshine, I'm loving the big squeals of excitement and hugs from everyone! I'm such an attention whore sometimes! and it's nice to know I was missed!
Jiving -Getting rather good at it now!
Life planning -some exciting things ahead!
My Mum -not only did she re-decorate and de-clutter my room while I was away, she kept a load of tacky mags for me so I can catch up on the celeb world! ♥

Hating...(hate's a strong word, more like disliking)
The Wind -its looked nice outside today but that wind is COLD!
Katie Price -Don't get me started, she's lost a lot of respect from me
Baby bumps as profile pictures on FB -ugh! I do not need to see it!
Old men with their tops off when the slightest hint of sun comes out -*see above
Robert Pattinson -I just don't get the hype. You're not really a vampire mate, get outside and get some colour to you! -oh and brush your hair!


  1. Thank god you won't have to put up with Lucie for much longer.

    I like your list of loves...

  2. Katie Price, ick.

    And that Lucie girl is definitely jealous.