Monday, 11 May 2009


I do actually enjoy the commute to work most days, it's a time to just be on my own and wind down... providing I get a seat, and not only a seat, but one that's not shared by any of the following - a fidget, a smelly person, someone who needs more than their share of the seat, someone with really loud music, someone you rustles their London Lite more than they need to, folding it over and over again, making it crinkle and crinkle away! AHHH!... ok ok, maybe there are times where I really do not enjoy the commute!

Couple's kissing is one of the worst things to be around. It's really not a nice sound. It's even worse when they're old, or old and whispering suggestive comments in each others ears-heave! There are some couples who feel the need to be touching their partner constantly, hugging, touching their bum, even just hanging on to their pocket. I'm in a relationship and I find it annoying, I can't imagine how irritating it is to single people!

There's also that horrible moment on the tube when you're sat down and a larger lady is stood near you. It's the age-old dilemma of 'do I offer my seat and risk being slapped in the face?' pregnant or fat, pregnant or fat...? It's ok for men, they can do it and just seem gentlemanly.

Though I have seen some women wearing these, which does help.

People putting their make up on whilst on the train is absolutely fascinating! I'm not even sure why, maybe it's because you don't get to see these things normally. And I always secretly hope they slip with the liquid eyeliner (It's mean but it's a risky game they're playing anyway!) I always try to not look but I just can't help watching! Some people just keep on applying, you can see them piling it on and you're sat there thinking 'Stop it! stop it! you should have stopped 3 applications of blusher ago!' It's a good idea though, gives you longer in bed I guess, and it's not like you do much else on the train.
One thing I just don't get is the trainers. I understand some people can't walk in their work shoes so they'll opt for trainers for the commute. But why are they always the most ugly trainers you've ever seen?! Big white bulky things, and always worn with tights! No no NO! We all know I'm not exactly a lover of shoes without a heel but wouldn't some ballet pumps do the same job and look much less offensive?!
...Oh I could go on, but maybe I'll save it for another blog!


  1. That badge made me laugh!

  2. Totally agree about the ballet pump thing, I've thought many a time!

    And on teh make up thing. I once saw a woman practically colouring in her face with a touche eclat!

  3. Lou, i think i was with you when we saw that woman. Its not cheap, either! Jenn, can I just say, your blog is one of my favourite things in the world to read. Even moreso than heat magazine. x

  4. Hahaha, I also hate those suck-each-others'-faces-off-in-public-places couples. Especially when I'm standing next to them and hear the slurpy sounds. Eugh!

    And I agree about the trainers. I despise them. Especially ugly/dirty/smelly-looking ones that people use to go to the gym, I suppose.