Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bank holiday Funday

What a bank holiday weekend it was.

Went to see Girls Aloud at the O2 on Saturday night.
I was pretty hungover after going out for drinks with work and waking up on my mates rooftop at 8.30am! -don't ask.
I can tell you it's a pretty weird sensation being woken up by direct sunlight on your face!

I was shattered and in dire need of some caffeine. We went out for lunch when I got home, I was craving a burger or something equally greasy and bad for me. It did the trick, though we decided a Frappachino was also needed -but why do they feel the need to put on the air con so high?!! It was freezing!
Throughout the day I was feeling more and more tired, but I soldiered through, getting myself a big coke at the concert to get me through the night.

We dressed up as gift wrapped kitty-cats ('...we're only turning into tigers when we wanna fight back....' geddit?) and I must say we looked pretty awesome!  Girls Aloud were amazing, we had great seats and they even sang live, which I was shocked at. And the way they dance in their heels is a talent in itself! They also have amazing bodies!

So all in all a good weekend -drinks, eats, great sleeps, girls aloud, frapachinos, friends, and sunshine =lovely

Monday, 18 May 2009


OK, so I've started the holiday shopping as they've started letting people back into Mexico again -thank God! Just over a month to go now and I have nothing!

I thought this would be easy but I really want one of these to take with me...

*ignore the weird expression on the models face

It would be perfect as it's so versatile, I can wear it in the day and dress it up in the evening. And of course it would look great with tanned legs and wedges (what doesn't?!)

But I can't find one anywhere! I'm sure at one point they were everywhere! This pic is from a site in the US so if anyone knows where one is in the UK, let me know!

Monday, 11 May 2009

This stuff...

I smell like a cocktail!
*but, y'no, in a good way!