Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Family affair

So I decided to walk home from the station today, nice day and all!

I'm walking along and the woman coming towards me goes 'Jenna!'
It was my chavvy auntie (she's adopted, I feel I need to mention that!)

The convo goes a bit like this :
-oh, hi...
-I was just thinking 'who's that sexy lady coming towards me, (was wearing red heels, little skirt, y'no normal work attire!) oh it's my niece!'
*Funny that, I was thinking 'who is that chavvy woman walking towards me, oh it's my scrounger auntie!'*
-*Nervouos Laugh*
-Where you off to?
-Oh was just walking home from the station, seeing as it was a nice day...
-Yea I'm walking everywhere now, cos I'm not driving anymore...
*Oh yea that driving ban, classy! -am I really related to this?!*
-oh yea.. *I really don't want to be seen talking to you...*
-that's why I'm looking so...
-haha, yea... *REALLY??!!*
awkward silence... *are we done?*
-well anyway, better get going...

Told Mum I'd seen her, apparently she's on her third kid now! I didn't know this, and she's 3! I suppose if I'd cared I would have asked how they all were... maybe she took the hint!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

17 Again

So we went along to see Zac take his top off -they cut the bit from the advert out of the film! Though the film does start with him playing basketball topless, which is nice.)

I personally loved it, He's a very good looking
boyman and the most ridiculous part of the film is the fact that someone as beautiful as Zac Efron would grow up and turn into a chubby Matthew Perry! It's just not going to happen!
The end credits has pics of them when they were at school, which for Zac was like...a year ago?! Everyone did go 'awwww' though! And he hasn't hung up his tap shoes just yet, they threw in a little dance routine at the beginning! Bless him!

After the film I began to wonder (yes I've been watching sex and the city again!)

Would I actually like to be 17 again...?
I could have told myself to not dye my hair and straighten it so much as it will never grow, to put the fake tan down! -Orange is never a good look! I could make sure I didn't bother with certain guys cos the good one is there at the end. And make sure I knew that all the good friends are the one's that stick through all the bad stuf, and not to worry about the rest.
Though it would mean...
-Going through all those games with guys, do they like me? Why hasn't he replied?
-Drinking too much,
-Not sleeping enough.
-Going through heartbreak (that wasn't really heartbreak at all!)
-Hanging round with people I didn't even like.

I don't think I'd want to. Na, I'd prefer to stay as I am. And I wouldn't have met some of the amazing people that I know now!

....But being 19 again, that's another story!

Monday, 6 April 2009

ABC easy as 123

I had a call at work earlier from a guy asking how to spell someones name. I started to spell it out and when I got to N he said 'M?' I was like, no 'N, for... Norman' and he replied 'November' -Cheeky bugger! He actually corrected me! I don't bloody know, I'm not a policeman! Who actually knows the whole of that phonetic alphabet anyway! Alpha, bravo.. foxtrot..tango..zulu! Who even came up with that? I generally just use words from infant school 'A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for Cat....'

Makes more sense to me!

So Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo -
Yankee Oscar Uniform! Poncey man!