Saturday, 4 October 2008

Sharp, sweet moves!

I went over my sisters last night. My niece was having a birthday party, so there was a hall FULL of kids dancing, running about, screaming and getting excited by the smoke machine. I may be bias but my nieces were the prettiest there! They all had a dancing competition, 'girls VS boys' and they huddled beforehand to work out what they were going to do. I heard the guys 'pep talk' One of them was going "Right guys, you know what to do SHARP, SWEET MOVES!" It made me giggle. It worked though, cos with their 'sharp sweet moves' they won!

A few of the girls went back to my sisters with us for a sleep over. After all those sweets ,they weren't going to be sleeping any time soon! It was amusing hearing the dramas though 'Katie's banged her head' 'Olivia's crying' 'Lola's falling asleep and we don't want her to'. Reminded me of the sleep overs I used to have as a kid. Ah, those were the days!

They had a packet of Hannah Montana sweets which were in the shape of 'guitars' -well, they didn't look like guitars to me! More like a certain part of the male anatomy! I know Miley Cirrus is a slutbag but making young girls eat little phallic guitars is JUST. WRONG!

My brother in law had a bit to drink and found the whole thing hilarious. 'They're fighting over them! No girls one each! You can only handle one' -Thankfully they had no idea what he was on about!


  1. oh nooooo
    that's just wrong!!! haha
    kind of thing you would imagine in ann summers.

  2. Thats hilarious. I love the way you described them phallic lol

  3. Those sweets are SICK AND WRONG!

  4. Thats awful. The way the sweets are pointing towards her face and she's got her mouth wide open is terrifying as well. What kind of party was this?! x

  5. Can you get me some of those sweets please? :)