Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Spider in the bath...

I've soaked the bathroom, there was a spider in the shower, at first it was ok cos he was just sat there in the corner, but then he started moving.
Of course this was when I was all soapy and lathered up. He started walking above me but looked a bit wobbly, I was convinced he was going to fall on me. So I got out, I thought he'd carry on and make it to the other side, but no, he stayed still, yet still wobbly. I stood for a while but really needed to rinse off the bubbles. So I pulled the shower attachment down and tried rinsing there and then, with quick bursts(I was trying to limit the watery mess). Now of course the bathroom is a state! A wet state.


  1. I have that video of spider in the bath somewhere.

    The kids use to love it when they were little.

  2. EWW I hate spiders.
    I would have freaked if I saw one in the bath.
    Brave and cute.
    Check out our new blog :)

    Love Wil xx