Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Here's a tip...

If you're already feeling pretty crap about yourself, don't agree to have your photos taken at a photo shoot..

..Especially with your friend who looks so great in all her pictures, she has a collection building up!
It just makes you want to go home and hide under your bed forever... or just cry and eat Chinese that your boyfriend got you to cheer you up! He's had a tough couple of days trying to make me feel better, bless him.
I ate so much yesterday, yumyums, biscuits, crisps, left over Chinese... total comfort food.

Today I've gotta snap back to reality. No more moping. Though I'm shattered because I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking bout the bloody viewing and how shit I looked in all the pictures. It was devastating! All posed pics (I hate that kind of photography!) and I couldn't have looked more uncomfortable.
Photographers are liars 'wow! you look amazing!' Bollocks, I looked like a retarded whale with a deformed face!

My part of the viewing was over pretty quickly (but not quick enough) just going through each pic going 'No, No, No, No...' The only bits that looked nice were my shoes! I just wanted a pic of them!
Trying to choose just one free one was hard enough, while my friend struggled between all her stunning pictures. I was laughing at my pictures but really I wanted to run out crying but decided that would cause a scene so I waited til I was off the train.

It wasn't all bad, the shoot was fun, just wish I didn't have to see the results. And I've now learnt that
1. I shouldn't wear sh0rt skirts anymore
2. Satin is not a good fabric when your a fatty
3. I need to get in the gym
4. I own some beautiful shoes
5. My face needs some sort of surgery or I'll never get over all this.

Yep, this was a depressing one, but I'm allowed a moan every now and again.

1 comment:

  1. "retarded whale with a deformed face" made me laugh.

    aww they can't have been THAT bad can they?

    i know exactly how you feel tho.
    hope you feel better.