Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Essie Feelin' Poppy collection

When I opened this package I made a little  noise that's usually reserved for when I see a dog or a shoe sale. A little yelp of excitement, often accompanied by a wiggle. I saw these 3 colours popping out of the shiny, padded envelope and immediately thought "these are a bit of me!"

There were  3 shades from Essie's Feelin' Poppy collection and I'm really excited to share them with  you. They are so gorgeous, and, dare I say it - perfect for sunny days! 

The range is inspired by a playful midsummer afternoon "frolicking in blooming fields with your besties which leaves you feeling poppy" which I admit, I've never done but it does sound rather lovely! 


With the vibrancy of the collection you can really see what they were getting at, bright corals, pinks and soft lilacs in a floral bouquet, complimented by the warm grass and gorgeous blue skies. They've combined soft pastels and brights perfectly. 


These three look lovely together and anyone that knows me knows that I rarely stick to just one colour on my nails. I immediately tried each shade next to each other and it was hard to pick a favourite. 

So here's a rundown of the shades. First is Everything’s Rosy, a creamy peachy pink. It's just beautiful, isn't it? I know this is going to get a lot of wear over the summer. With 2 coats it's opaque and with a floaty summer dress, it's perfect!  



Next is Ruffle your Petals, a soft pastel lilac shade that is a little more on the pink side than your usual lilac shades. I'm going to do a post comparing it to a couple of others from Essie, so look out for that. This one looks really cute on your toenails. 



This pretty sky blue is Sway in Crochet. I love the shade, but for some reason this one seemed to peel off a bit. It was good for about 5 days but while the other lasted over a week this one started to peel a bit and when one goes, I can't help but peel them all off and it becomes like a kid with PVA glue on their fingers! 


These all have a wonderful creamy full coverage and Essie's 
easy glide brush makes for quick, even application. 

There's also a coral red, vibrant pink and grassy green in the collection and they  are all out now Superdrug

*These were kindly sent to me but all thoughts are my own and I was not obligated to review