Sunday, 14 February 2021

Valentine's Day Nails and me

Listen, I love Valentine's Day. There, I said it. 

On the average year it's beneficial to throw a little extra love around but during a pandemic especially, it's good to show the person you love that you appreciate them. MAN, this past year has been tough, like really tough! Sam has helped me through so much and together we've kept our heads up during one of the toughest challenges of our lives. You wouldn't believe the stuff we've (figuratively) had thrown at us this year! 


"Well I think Valentine's Day is stupid, you should appreciate your partner all year, not just for one day!" 
ok Karen.

Of course I believe you should appreciate your partner all year round ...who doesn't think this?!  If one Wednesday evening, you randomly think  'they're bloody great, I'm buying flowers, some lingerie, a bag of Crunchy Rocks and ordering us burgers (catering to my own tastes here but I'm never one to stick to tradition) or decide a night away in a hotel is needed 'just because' then good on you! But I think life gets in the way sometimes. Aside from anniversaries or birthdays we just don't think to make that extra effort as often, so if there's an excuse for a treat - go for it! Like you're allowed to buy loads of chocolate all year round but you still go nuts at Easter, right? 

If you're not about the love then this post might not be for you, scroll to the bottom for the nail pics instead! 

Cynics might say that Valentine's is just a way to make money (so is Christmas) but anything that means you get a little nudge to go ' hey you, I appreciate you'  can't  be bad. Plus there are some pretty fantastic meal deals out at the moment and if that's not reason enough to celebrate, I don't know what is! Marks and Spencer are doing heart shaped churros, for crying out loud. 

I'm not about the material stuff, I like the excuse to make a card or a reason to have a load of chocolate treats in the house. Flowers brighten up the place a bit too, plus they block the window a bit so prying eyes can't look in!  

I've had fabulous Valentine's days in my single days, whether it was at the early 'talking stages' where I had flowers delivered to work and text a guy saying thanks, only to find out it was actually from my 'it's complicated' ex. 
We had dinner parties as a group of single friends where we exchanged cards, had great food and spent the night pleased that none of us had any relationship dramas that year!

I've had a pretty underwhelming Valentine's meal out with a guy that was definitely wrong for me. Petrol station flowers, a drive to the restaurant with his mate on speaker chatting about cars and a strop about the waiter all adding to the ambiance. It made for a good story though and has been laughed about for many years since. 


I loved Valentine's at school when you had cards left in your locker or on your desk - a lolly pop, rose and creme egg being a highlight of mine. Or remember when you got Happy Valentine's day texts as a cute heart picture message made of pixels? (showing my age here!).

10 years ago I shamelessly sent Sam a text saying 'What... no Valentine's card?'  little did I know we'd spend every Valentine's day together after that. The only year it wasn't celebrated was the year our daughter was born as we had other things going on and we were in our lovely newborn baby bubble. 

Sam has surprised me with trips to Disneyland and fancy meals in central but no matter how we celebrate, I know I'm with the right person and appreciating that time together - even if it's only a couple of hours before we're interrupted by our toddler who decides it's time to watch Zootroplis again. 
He treats me all the time as it is, it doesn't have to be a special occasion. By 'treats me' I mean in the small acts that make me appreciate the little things, like if he goes to the garage for milk he will always come back with my favourite chocolate or when I'm running around doing too much (as usual) he makes me sit down while he washes up. Things like that are far more valuable than roses and a teddy bear. 

This year is of course different. I really feel for the restaurants missing out on a weekend trade of guaranteed bookings and I really wish I could be one of the customers filling those tables. We'll be at home as Boris has ordered, but feeling more loved up while I think to myself 'Good GOD I'm glad I'm spending lockdown with you instead of anyone else!'. 

Anyway, that's enough of a trip down memory lane. I'm suitably feeling the love now. Shall we tie this in nicely with some Valentine's themed nail art? GO ON THEN!


First is a little mixture of red and pink from Essie. I used 
Be Cherry!  on my index and little fingers (such a gorgeous red and fabulous formula!) and Lovie Dovie on my ring finger. I always like to add some sparkle to the occasion so popped on some gold glitter with the help of Barry M. A couple of kisses with a nail art brush and we're good to go.


Pink and white feels damn cutesy, doesn't it? How perfect for Valentine's! This pink is two coats of Hoopla by Ciate and the white nail art brush paired with a steady hand allowed me to doodle on some hearts and stripes while I watched Married at First Sight Australia! 


Sending love to you all, no matter how you spend this Valentine's day! Be kind to yourself, and don't go searching for negativity or things that make you angry - life is too short!

*for full transparency, these nail polishes were previously gifted to me 


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