Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Femme Luxe Loungewear for Lockdown

Lockdown has been a bit weird hasn’t it? Having no real routine is the biggest change to me. Without having to  do the school run I’ve often found myself thinking 

‘what is the point in getting dressed today?’ 
but getting ready for the day is good for me and separates things up a bit. All days were starting to merge into one, they just felt never-ending so breaking up the days a bit has really helped me.


The last couple of weeks have been really hot, it’s like an oven in my flat. New builds have some crazy insulation so I spend most of my time in shorts, but over the weekend the weather has cooled down massively and I’ve switched my shorts for something cosier. 

Femme Luxe got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out some of their loungewear sets. I don’t actually own a lot of loungewear. I’m either dressed up ready to go out or a complete mess - hair tied on the top of my head, any old t-shirt and some pyjama bottoms. To have some outfits that are fit for comfort but still let me feel like I had my sh*t  together - that’s just what I needed. 

Two fun facts about me, I don’t like the feel of socks around my ankles or tops around my waist. I still fold my socks down like I did back in my school basketball days (did other do this?!) and it’s why most of the time you’ll notice my tops are of the cropped variety. The cropped loungewear  was perfect for me and there is a great selection to choose from.

 I stepped out of the comfort-zone of my black wardrobe and tried a grey set. The off the shoulder 'Blake' set is so comfy. 


This has been good on the milder evenings when I chill out on the sofa. Something like this is perfect for someone like me who sweats at the sight of anything knitted or fleece lined. It’s just the right amount of comfort without being stuffy. The legs are slim so it feels a bit smarter than the type of joggers I’m used to. The tie up detail on the front is just for decoration but Mila loves to sit and play with it so it keeps her quiet! I’ve actually been living in the joggers, teaming them with cropped tops or vests while I get on with housework. 

I actually have my eye on a few more of their off the shoulder loungewear sets. I know I’ll be tempted to stock up as it gets colder again at the end of summer.

I was also sent the ribbed two piece 'Suzi' co-ord set which is so comfortable.  I love how the trousers feel and I would go out in this but it also feels light enough for logging around comfortably. I love a cropped t-shirt so this top is perfect for teaming with denim shorts or ripped jeans too. I really loved the look of the Jade green version of this but it was out of stock. Green is a colour I’m loving at the moment.


I'm really pleased I've got some bits to make lockdown more comfortable. Definitely check them out.


*these sets were kindly gifted but all thoughts are my own


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