Monday, 11 February 2019

Saving some money!

With the new baby on the way I've been looking at the money situation. If I want to buy her all these cute little outfits I'm going to need some spare cash. Over Christmas I realised I really didn't watch a lot of TV anymore and half of the channels went unused completely. I decided I needed to get in touch with Sky and change my plan. I was paying so much money for something I just didn't need and that is money for pizza or shoes which I'm sure you'll agree is far more important.


My tv service is part of a package along with my landline (which is only used by my Mum) and the broadband. I'd originally thought that getting a big bundle deal was the best option but it's just been a bit of a waste. I'm really careful with buying groceries and only buying what I need so I why not be the same when it comes to entertainment? 

I started looking around at comparison sites and found some amazing deals on TV packages that include cheap broadband too.

I needed to consider what it was I actually needed. With Sam and I both online for work all day we need a pretty good speed. If there was more of us using it at once we'd have to look for an even faster speed, so with Mason getting older and much more into technology we know that will be beneficial to us in the long run. Plus I dread how often I'm going to be streaming kids TV shows for the little one over the coming years! I just pray the Baby Shark thing s over by the time the baby is here! Fingers crossed!

I kept an eye out for hidden set-up fees too- that's somewhere where you can really get caught out. A deal can look really appealing and then an extra charge is thrown in afterwards. 

The cheapest packages are for standard broadband, with potential download speeds of 17 Mbps which is suitable for low-medium use by about 3 people.

If speed is what you're looking for then you need fibre. This gives you speeds from 50 Mbps to 362 Mbps. Fibre-optic broadband is now available for 80% of the UK and has come down massively in price over the past few years.

Another thing I had to keep in mind is how long we'll need it for. We're going to be moving this year so it wasn't necessary to tie ourselves into a long contract unless they are ok with us transferring over to another address. Most companies were offering 12 or 18 month contracts but some let you opt for 9 months but the deals won't be as good. Generally longer contracts will save you more money.

We're definitely getting a package with the TV and phone line included but it will only be something basic so I'm not wasting money on channels I don't need but also wasting time scrolling through shows I have no interest in watching. It's time saving too - I'm hoping I'll be much more productive!

After a bit of research I ended up saving almost £20 a month just switching and finding something I would actually use. The next job is to do the same thing with my gas and electric! 


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