Friday, 29 June 2018

St Tropez Extra Dark Review

I've tried a lot of tans over the years. I guess it's something the girls and guys of my generation grew up with. Looking tanned was essential for a night out and it's now become a routine in party preparation. Various health issues mean I can look pretty pasty at times so I rely on fake tan to keep me looking alive and less see-through!


I was chosen to review St Tropez Extra Dark Self Tan which excited me a lot. I've always purchased the tans on the 'darker' end of the spectrum in the hope that I actually get a noticeable result. Previously this has only been achievable with a couple of brands and it usually takes a couple of coats. I was excited to give this one a go and I had high hopes.

St Tropez is one of my favourite brands, if I want a colour quickly I use their Express tan that is really great and develops in one hour.  
It's definitely not your budget tan, at £33 it's one of the more expensive on the high street. I am a firm believer that you don't have to spend a fortune to get good results but I do see a reason to splash out on this. 



It's in a good quality bottle that you know won't break open and leak everywhere and the push down dispenser gives you just the right amount of product at a time. I find it really easy to apply and I was really impressed with how easily the mousse smoothed on. It's a really light and creamy formula and it instantly made my skin looked airbrushed and moisturised. Some tans can feel drying straight away but this really felt like it was giving my skin some hydration too. The guide colour is pretty dark at first but when smoothed out a bit it's a golden brown. 

It dried fairly quickly considering it was such a warm night and there was no strong 'fake tan' smell. You can rinse it off after 4 hours bit I like to leave mine on overnight. I didn't transfer on my sheets but did rub off on the band of my pjs. I hear their Purity range is great for avoiding this. 
In the morning I rinsed it off and there was a lot of tan going down the drain. I was slightly concerned that there would be no colour left!



But I was pleasantly surprised that I was left with a deep, golden colour that looked really natural. It was really even and had no streaks at all, I think the guide colour helped with this as you could easily see where you were applying it. It looks amazing. Although I have missed a tiny patch on the back of my foot cos I'm a total wally (and I was watching Love Island while I applied it!).

The colour is definitely dark but not scary dark. It gave me the look that applying 2/3 layers of other fake tans would give me so not only does it save me time, the bottle will last me longer too.

It's the perfect time of year to use this while it's heating up so a deep tan won't look out of place.

I'm off on holiday in 3 weeks so I will be applying this before I go so I arrive with a gorgeous glow. 


Superdrug have over £10 off their St Tropez products at the moment so now is the time to try this out. 

*this was kindly gifted to me but all thoughts are my own


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  1. Wow it's a deep tan but it still looks really nice! I've always been curious about St Tropez, since I know so many people really love that brand.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode