Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Personally Presented - Travelling with the Greatest Showman

Wow! it's been hot this week. I'm not usually one to complain but when I've walked home from the school run carrying all kinds of bags (it's always the day the PE kit comes home when I've decided to walk, isn't it?) and then had to cook dinner (which no matter how hard I try, always involves turning the oven on!) it's when I long to be in a pool somewhere with a cold drink in my hand.

 Generally speaking we are all so much happier when it's sunny but that sunshine is 100% better when on holiday. I'm counting down to our family holiday this year and it's now only a matter of weeks away. I've been tempted to start packing but that might be slightly premature. You can bet your Boots advantage points that I'll be writing list upon lists on all the miniature toiletries I need to pick up though! 
I love a good list to keep me organised - I even have lists of new lists... it might be a problem.


That's the thing, holiday prep was fairly easy in the past, I'd throw everything in my case and head to Gatwick in my biggest heaviest shoes in the hope that my luggage wouldn't go over the limit. Since becoming a Mum I have to have a little more structure, I have to make sure I've catered for every situation for both (/all - let's be honest I'll be organising most of Sam's stuff too!) of us. 

My hand luggage is a mixture of spare clothes, pencils, sticker books, games and gadgets and even a travel Connect Four in an attempt to lure him away from one of the many screens and create this picture perfect parent life we're all led to believe is achievable.

With the bag being full of everything apart from the kitchen sink it can be hard to keep track of the most important bits ... my make up. I JOKE, I KID! I mean the passports and tickets of course.


I was kindly asked to pick a product from the Personally Presented website. 
They have a whole range of gorgeous personalised products which not only make great gifts but are actually things that you'll use! They are a family run company and believe in gifts that are worth giving, a gift that is as unique and individual as they are. 


With the airport mania on the horizon the travel document holder was a no brainer for me. It looked like it would really help to keep everything in one place. It's a gorgeous leather holder with pockets inside to hold passports, boarding passes, cards, cash and even a pen which is rather handy - I can never find a pen when I need one. 

Like everything else on the site it is personalised. With this particular design you have 3 lines of 20 characters so that's plenty to get creative with. Like most of the UK right now our family is obsessed with the Greatest Showman and  the song 'A Million Dreams' means a lot to us on a few levels so that was the quote I went for. When this was delivered I handed it to Sam and Mason to open and they both had a huge smile on their faces when they saw the line from the song. That is the beauty of something personalised, you can make the most simple of objects something really meaningful. 

 Big occasions like graduations, weddings or baby showers can be tricky to buy for but there are some lovely little keepsake boxes, personalised bracelets and trinkets that tick all the boxes. 

They've covered pretty much all bases, there's gifts for the home like personalised chopping boards and key hooks which make perfect housewarming gifts. I really love the breakfast in bed tray and the cheese board is great for any cheese lovers like myself! 

If you're stuck for any kind of gift I'd definitely recommend you give this place a try as I can guarantee you'll find something special that puts a smile on someone's face. 

*I was kindly gifted this item but all thoughts are 100% my own.


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