Monday, 18 June 2018

Caseapp Giveaway!

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I'm much more of a Summer girl. The first hint of sun and I' doing the school run in a vest top and I'm soaking up that vitamin D! 

This is why it was totally out of character that I still had a Christmas themed phone case on my iPhone. Usually  as soon as Christmas is over I'm counting down to longer days and getting some flights booked.

So when Caseapp got in touch asking if I would like to make my own custom iphone case I saw that as fate telling me to sort my bloody life out. It was time to update my phone case at least. It's been fun Christmas case, but it's June and it's time for us to part ways mate.


All I knew was that I needed a case that was more suitable to this time of year, and thankfully Caseapp had loads to choose from. I love a good window shop so I really enjoyed browsing. There's hundreds of great designs like marble prints, animals, hearts, flowers and flags if you're feeling patriotic (perfect timing for the world cup!).

You can upload your own images to create something personal or go for a pre-made design. It's all so customisable so you can get something you really like.

You can upload any picture you want, you can make a photo or collage or even have a little scroll through pinterest to find a quote you love for some inspiration. I used to have a Disney themed case which worked out really well when M was little as it meant he looked right at my phone when taking pictures of him - a very handy tip there!

I opted for a marble background and used a few of their 'clip arts' along with a picture from our holiday to Greece last year. 


It was so easy to make and I had a great time creating it, I love stuff like this and it was nice to make something really unique and personal to me. I really like the overall look and it feels very me. The quote 'Go Live' really speaks to me at the moment - I'm all about creating memories and having experiences. As the great Jack Dawson said 'Life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it.' 

You can chose a glossy or matte finish, I went for matte as I prefer it. The case is really sturdy, I was really impressed with the quality- my iPhone is protected and it looks great too! 

Now it's not just for iPhones, you can create a case for a range of phones including HTC, Nokia, Samsung and OnePlus. I was also able to make a new MacBook skin.

This was another one I created myself and I used to logo from our new little business venture. Anyone that follows my Instagram will see me mentioning the PacVan which is a popup gaming cinema. Basically we bring everything you need for an evening of gaming with your mates to play where ever you want. There's a big screen loads of games to choose from and we can create tournaments or basically just leave you all to it. It's perfect for parties, stag do's and weddings.

If you can't do a shameless plug on your own blog where can you?!

 but ANYWAY...

It was great to be able to customise the MacBook to fit in with the branding of the company and it looks great. The laptop skin is delivered in the form of a sticker that you easily peel off and apply yourself. I’m not the best at things like this so it was a two man job to apply to the laptop with Sam positioning it while I smoothed down any air bubbles. It looks SO GOOD! Imagine customising your laptop with your blog header - how professional would that look while writing in Starbucks? 

It arrived in no time (only about 5 days I think!) and the package was small enough to fit through the letterbox - always a plus as I miss a surprising amount of deliveries for someone who works at home!


If you want to place and order yourself you can use code JENNIFROST20 and that will get you 20% off.

If you want to create your own custom laptop skin or phone case I've also got a little giveaway over on my Instagram. The winner gets one free product from the Caseapp website so head over if you want to be in with a chance of winning.

*I was kindly gifted these products but all thoughts are my own 


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