Saturday, 10 February 2018

Dreaming of Summer - Zaful Bikinis

I first heard of Zaful when I watched Laura Blair's You Tube channel. She was always trying on such gorgeous outfits and the thing that really surprised me was the price - everything was a total bargain. Of course I ended up taking a closer look at the site myself. They ship from the US so it can take over a week to arrive but it does mean you can get yourself a little bargain if you're willing to wait a bit.

Now the same thing happens to me every year, I get through January and my mind wanders to Spring and Summer, we're on the home straight now, warmer times are coming! I'm ignoring the fact that it has been known to snow in April in the past, I'm mentally planning holidays, weekend breaks and summer picnics with friends. 
I buy a new bikini for every holiday so this was  the first part of the site I explored. Most are £10-15 for a full set so I will no doubt be ordering a couple. With some tops being £30 and bottoms at £15 it's easy to end up spending nearly £50 on a set on the high street. 

I was really pleased to see such a large selection, there was so much to choose from that covered all bases, high waisted, thong briefs, tankinis, even some matching shorts and cover ups.


I love the ease of being on holiday, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to picking outfits so throwing on a bikini makes things much easier for me. I love that there are some statement pieces which are definitely more for show. The blue velvet one is gorgeous! Underwire swimwear  gives you the support you need and also the confidence that you're not going to be falling out anywhere. How amazingly cute is the shell bikini top?! Total mermaid vibes!

For those days where you've indulged at the buffet and I don't want to walk around in a bikini I like the option of  rocking a high waited shorts with a bandeau swim top  it feels a little more like real clothes and you can take a wander to the shops without feeling the need to get changed. Bandeau tops look less bra-like so work well throughout the day.

Take a little browse through the site and think about the summer days! Be sure to check out the zaful blog for fashion inspiration too.  

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