Monday, 20 February 2017

Renunail Duo Review -Sorting out my brittle nails

Right guys, it's not often I absolutely rave about a product but you need to hear about this. My nails have always been pretty  long but that doesn't mean they don't break from time to time. I've never had my nails done in a salon or really even worn fake nails but I paint my nails very regularly and all that nail polish remover and polishes full of chemicals means they need to be looked after. 

I know so many things can result in brittle nails, wearing acrylics, poor diet, stress, illness, or working too damn hard! Sometimes our nails need a little bit of TLC.

I was offered the chance to try Renunail for 4 weeks to strengthen my nails and give them a well needed pick-me-up. 

It's just like a just like a normal base coat, possibly ever so slightly thinner. It's 
designed to help with  peeling, flaking and chipping and contains calcium to harden the surface of the nails.


Inside the Renunail Duo pack you get a large 30ml bottle of nail strengthened and a 14ml bottle of nourishing oil. On the the first day you apply two coats to clean nails -at this point I could instantly feel my nails felt harder, like the strengthener was almost holding my nails together. 


You then add an extra coat each day and build up the layers. It dries fairly quickly so this wasn't a problem for me at all. During this time you can add the oil to the nails and cuticles daily which  is a nice treat and helps to hydrate the nails. Do this for 5 days, have a rest and on day 7 you remove the polish and start the process again.

Again, on day 7 you remove it all and start again and after 4 weeks your nails really are noticeably stronger.
It's recommended to have a bit of a break after 4 weeks but you can always go back to using it again the needed. 

 I admit I struggled having no colour on my nails for the first time in years so on each of the days where I removed the layers of polish and started again I had a day or two of colour. Going cold turkey was just too hard for me! But it still worked really well. I was amazed really. 


My little finger has always had a split down the middle and it's really helped to fix it, it's almost non existent now! If you have weak nails or need a break from acrylics this really helps to get your nails back on track. I'm actually making sure I take regular breaks from my nail polish now to have a couple of weeks using this as it's just brilliant.

You can buy the duo pack with both items or if you prefer you can use the nail strengthener  alone. I really am impressed with this product and I'm glad I tried it!

*this was kindly gifted to me but all thoughts are 100% my own.


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