Wednesday, 4 January 2017

What I got for Christmas

Christmas came and went in a flash. We had a wonderful day at my parents with my brothers and their partners. For me, Christmas isn't about presents, it's all about time with family. Being around the people you love makes everything better and it was just what we needed. 


I know there's a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with these posts and I was in two minds about posting this. I've decided I'm going into this year with more of a 'I don't care' attitude. I need stop worrying about what people think. I personally  love seeing these kind of posts so I'm going to share one too. I assume you are a fan if you clicked the link to this post so settle down and have a little look at a couple of the beauty items I got for Christmas.

I didn't want to share everything so I limited it to a few of the beauty based items I thought others might want to pick up for themselves. I've tried to link the items that I can find so you can treat yourself -I'm nice like that you see! I love all of the bits I got and I'm so grateful for not only the presents from my family but the support they've given us over the last year. 

I was given a couple of gorgeous nude lipsticks. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in 'Kim KW' A beautiful nude that I've been wearing non stop since I opened it. I have a feeling this won't be my last Charlotte Tilbury lipstick! And also MAC Mariah Cary Lipstick in 'Bit of Bubbly'. This whole range is beautiful but the lipsticks were my favourite. I'll have to do a separate post on this one but would you just look at that glittery packaging?! Stunning.


One skincare brand I love is Origins and I'm glad I get to try out a couple more of their masks from the Origins Mask Marvels Set. I've only had samples of the Clear Improvement active charcoal mask which I loved and the Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask has been a life saver for my dry skin so I'm glad I've got another of those on standby now. I'm excited to try out the Maskimizer mask primer and Original Skin Retexturing mask with rose clay too.


I really liked the look of the Clinique pep-start range so the Clinique  Pep-Start set was perfect for me. All the products aim to get your skin bright and glowing -something I really need right now! Seriously my skin is so dull and dry so any tips or product recommendations would be appreciated. this set contains a 2 in 1 exfoliating cleanser, Pep-start hydroblur moisturiser and a Pep-start eye cream which is a product I've heard really great things about. 


Everyone knows I am a bubble bath fan so naturally I was given couple of Lush bits. I was so pleased to unwrap a Comforter Shower Cream. I really love the Comforter Bubble bar but I've never tried any there shower gels apart from Snow Fairy. The smell is just amazing! Slightly stronger than the bubble bar, it reminds me of Tixylix cough medicine. 

I've also got two bath bombs, the Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb. This has appealed to me mainly for pictures I have seen of the sparkle inside it. The bubbles look so pretty! Orange and Bergamont oils make it so moisturising and refreshing so I can see me really enjoying this one. And my favourite the Lush Sex Bomb which gives me such a calm relaxing bath, I just love it! It is a good price to just pick up when I feel like treating myself. Containing Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage and Jasmine - it smells divine!

Another new product I was excited to try is the Lush Ruby Slippers Bubble Bar. Shoes + bath products -it's just very me! I've got plenty of excuses to have some time to relax in the bath now which will help with my new years resolutions. 

I was in need of a couple of new brushes and this Real Techniques Sculpting Set is perfect. It's got a fan brush, finishing brush and setting brush to try out.


I'm well and truly stocked up on the face-mask front. I've been meaning to try out the new L'Oreal mask range and this L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask claims to brighten and exfoliate. I've used this already and it's really helped with my dry skin and made my skin feel so soft afterwards. It's really easy to apply, has a pleasant scent, and has great results. Very impressed. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Please add your link in the comments if you have a post about your Christmas presents and I'll come and have a peek!



  1. Oh wow! What a great selection of presents! I'm so jealous haha. I personally love Clinique and Lush too, so I'll definitely consider treating myself to some of those gifts ;)

    1. Thanks Laura. I hope you had a lovely Xmas.
      :) x

  2. Merry (belated) Christmas lovely! Hope you had a fab day. I love these kinds of posts, but that's probably because I'm super nosy haha. You got some lovely lil beauty bits, especially those CT lipsticks, and I love the look of that Clinique gift set!


    1. I'm nosy too, I also like seeing what people having in their trolleys at the supermarket - I don't know what that says about me though! haha!

  3. Such great presents! Those lipsticks look amazing, I love the shoot for the stars bath bomb, it's so beautiful when in the bath. 💖

    1. I used it the other night and it was so pretty but it made a huge mess!