Saturday, 21 January 2017

Lush Valentine's 2017

It feels like only yesterday it was Christmas and we were all getting excited about the cinnamon, clove and orange scents from Lush. Now we're over Snow Fairy (or let's be honest, do we ever get over Snow Fairy?!) and it's time to welcome the Lush Valentine's range. 

Each year I look forward to this, more-so than Christmas actually as I prefer the floral and sweet scents over the warmer wintery ones. I also rather like Valentine's day.

So the Valentine's stock hit Lush's shelves last week and much like previous years I have a couple of bits on my wish list. There's  a few new items and a couple making an appearance again. These are a few of my favourites...

1. Returning for another year is the Lover Lamp bathbomb (£4.25). This 
leaves little red cocoa butter hearts floating in your bath. It's scented with vanilla and orange oil so this is full of ingredients bound to leaves your skin super soft

2. I might be wrong but I think the Rose Bombshell Bath bomb (£4.25)  was around last year but possibly not in the Valentine's collection. It's one I am ye to try so I'm glad it's available again. I'm loving anything with rose oil at the moment so this is right up my street. It leaves rose petals floating in the bath so it's an excellent choice for Valentine's. It's got a really uplifting scent with Sicilian lemon oil and geranium oil to perk you up. 

3. Another one making  a comeback is the infamous Unicorn Horn Bubble bar (£4.50). I absolutely love this and I fully intend to stock up while it's still around. Don't be fooled by it's bright and vibrant look, this scent is so calming and excellent for winding down after a long day. With relaxing lavender and ylang ylang don't be surprised if you start to drift off.

4. The Cupid Bubble Bar (£2.95) looks like it's going to be my favourite. With a scent similar to the Razzle Dazzle bath melt it bathes you in a sweet pink fizz filled with rose, lime, raspberry and bergamot. It looks really cute and is a great price too. 

5. Lastly the  Lovestruck Bubble Bar (£4.25) is perfect for any emoji lover. If you're anything like me then the heart eyes emoji is one of your most used (it used to be the sideways cat face before it was taken away from me - seriously that guy worked so well for 90% of my moods!). Sam has already treated me to this one. There's a Lush at his station on the way home from work so I can thank train delays for something! This one does look like a bath bomb but as a bubble bar you can break it up to use over two baths. It's quite a unique scent with lemon oil, geranium a more of a pick me up, you're left with citrusy bubbles that remind me of sherbet lemon sweets.

I'd love to know what you're planning on picking up from the Valentine's range. Let me know in the comments!



  1. I never tried the Unicorn Horn last year but it looks and sounds like its completely up my street. I definitely need to go to Lush and stock up on their valentines goodies soon :)
    Zoe x

  2. I don't think I'm ready to give up the christmassy scents just yet! I'm a avid fan of anything cinnamon-scented so try to keep it going all year round. With that said, I'm really excited for Unicorn Horn to hit the Lush stores again and treat myself to a few other lovely bath bombs :)
    Tasmin |

  3. These all look SO good (especially the unicorn horn!)

  4. Man i looove literally everything from LUSH, I haven't tried any of these items but i like the look of the unicorn horn!