Sunday, 1 January 2017

Bring it on 2017

Let's try not to focus on the crappy year that 2016 was.  I am SO determined for 2017 to be incredible. The one positive of having a tough year means I have more drive to make the next year the best it can be. I will do everything in my power to make sure we don't feel the same this time next year. There are some very exciting plans in place and the main focus of 2017 is us putting our happiness first. 


Without mentioning the obvious things like drink more water, see my family more and save more money I've listed a few things I need to do in order to have a truly 'Happy' new year. 

Listen to positives

We're all guilty of taking things to heart, it's easy to remember negative comments but I'm going to try to make sure I balance out thoughts by concentrating on positives that are pointed out to me. I love giving people compliments, I just need to be better a accepting them for myself.

Find a balance
We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be happy, and sometimes it's not that easy. We haven't failed if something goes wrong or we don't feel as happy as others (or how others look on Instagram!) Life happens, things come along to trip you up that no forward planning can prepare you for and that's ok. Kicking ourselves when we're already down isn't helpful, we're only human and we can only do our best to make a change. With the right mindset and the right people around you it's possible to get back on track again. I've been listening to the audiobook of 'Happy - Why everything is more of less absolutely fine' by Derren Brown and it's really good at explaining this kind of thing. 


Stop over sharing 
I'm quite an open book, I let a lot of my emotions show and sometimes it's best to keep a few things to myself. Being a blogger I've felt the need to share a lot of my life in the past and I realise it's nicer to keep things for the people that matter. My son for example, I've never really posted a lot about him on social media, choosing to actually talk about him in person or send pictures to people in emails. It's so much more personal and then I don't have to worry about anything being taken the wrong way. 

Get fit again
With the wedding getting closer and closer I really need to get back into working out. I enjoy it, I like how I feel in myself and it will make me feel great in my beautiful dress as well as knowing I'll be the healthiest I can be. Yoga is really great for my mind too, I love feeling stronger both physically and mentally.

Get my Blogging mojo back
I have thought about stopping the blog for various reasons. After a lot of thought I know it's best to keep going. It's something I enjoy, something that helps pay the bills and gives me a bit of a purpose. I need to get some posts planned and keep the ideas flowing. I know some people just don't get it but I know it's a good use of my time and I need to stick at it.

Be Grateful 
I plan make a note of what I'm grateful for each day. It's a great way to go into the new year with a positive mind. Even if it's something small it's good to focus on the little things that make me happy.

Realise my worth
A friend of mine has been great at helping me through a tough time recently. After some confrontation I felt a bit useless in my role in the family. I know how hard Sam works and I felt like 'being a Mum' just wasn't good enough. My friend told me to make a note of all of the little things I do for everyone each day and I would be surprised at how valuable my role is. I may not be bringing in a huge wage but bringing up our son and looking after the home is a big job and an important one at that. I don't have to justify myself to anyone, as long as my family are happy that's what matters.

Make time to just 'be'
I am SO bad at this. Everyone always comments about how I am constantly on the go. I just don't stop. I can't even settle down to watch some TV unless I do some ironing at the same time. I'm going to make the effort to get some early nights, have baths, read in bed, go for a walk, grab a coffee and take some me-time. I need to realise I do deserve it and I shouldn't feel guilty if I take some time out.

Let some things lie
I can spend a lot of energy trying to make a situation better. At times I have run myself into the ground trying my best to get a situation the way I feel it's best for everyone. It can be frustrating and very tiring. I've always been the type of person who wants things sorted as soon as possible, if there's a problem I confront it and get a line drawn under it and move on. I just want everyone to get on.  I've realised that not everyone works like that and at times it's best to just admit to yourself that things aren't going to change and that my energy is better channelled elsewhere. Too much negativity is just draining. 

Wash my damn make-up brushes
I'm such a dirt bag. I really am. they need to be cleaned WAY more than I clean them.

and lastly eat more chocolate. Life is too short to cut out nice things.

I wish everyone a bloody great 2017. Learn to love yourself, remember it's ok to put yourself first and don't take life too seriously. 



  1. Here's hoping that 2017 is much kinder to you lovely! Can agree with the grateful point - I need to make a list of good things that happen so I can have something nice to look back on when I'm feeling a little glum. Happy new year lovely!


    1. Thank you hun. I definitely will try and focus on the positives much more x

  2. I don't think 2016 was a good year for anyone, it was certainly a rollercoaster for me. Perhaps we'll all be a bit more productive and hopefully this time round x

    1. I think a lot of people had a bad year, I hope 2017 is better for everybody X