Saturday, 12 August 2017

Prom Dresses all year round!

Back when I was younger a prom dress was just for prom (or "Leaver's Ball" as some schools call it), now we can wear them everywhere. There are so many occasions where it's acceptable to wear a prom dress now, they are absolutely perfect for weddings whether you're a bridesmaid or guest, Christenings, Summer BBQ's, hey, even pop some converse on and style one up Lily Allen 2002 style! 

I love how versatile prom dresses  have become and there are so many styles to choose from. They flatter all sizes and if you feel a bit chilly throwing on a pashmina or shawl adds to the glamour. I personally love the Sandy from Grease vibes by popping a varsity jacket over my shoulders. Cute!


Lately I've been loving co-ord and I love anything off the shoulder. The beauty of a separate skirt means you can split the outfit up and get more use out of it to create a whole new look. Short prom dresses  are perfect to use again for a less formal affair. 

 Aisle Style has the most choice I've ever seen when it comes to cheap prom dresses . There are so many beautiful designs to suit all figures from size UK4 to UK28. There's no doubt that there is something to suit every taste and I personally an spend hours scrolling through adding dresses to my wish list. 

For a hint of glamour you can't go wrong with red prom dresses, go for something backless that looks so elegant and can really compliment a gorgeous up-do.  Narrow down the choices by selecting the  length, neckline, fabric, colour, price, sleeve length, and body type to find something perfect for you.

With a few weddings to attend and  birthday creeping up  I'm sure I can find an excuse to treat myself.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

New L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara Review

When browsing the make-up aisle there are two things that will always tempt me- A new mascara on the market and a '3 for 2' offer. This girl loves a bargain.  When I was in Superdrug with my sister last weekend I had both of those boxes ticked by none other than L'Oreal Paris. 


Not only was the new mascara from one of my favourite brands but it was also in gorgeous blogger friendly rose gold packaging. I think L'Oreal do mascaras incredibly well and they are always reasonably priced, I never feel the need to opt for a high end mascara while L'Oreal have my back. 

It has been said that it is a Too Faced 'Better than Sex' mascara dupe, I can't actually comment on that as I haven't tried that one but I would say the packaging is certainly similar. Of course it's a damn site cheaper than BTS too. 

At the moment it retails at a very reasonable £9.99, I picked up some foundations and with the offer it meant I got all three for less than £20 -thank you Superdrug!


As a rose gold lover of course I love the packaging! From a blogger point of view I loved that it was only reflective on the lid, anyone who has tried taking a picture of reflective packaging while still showing the writing on the packaging clearly will understand what I mean! It comes in a little box which does give it a high end feel but is a little unnecessary. 

The formula of the Paradise mascara contains castor oil  which helps nourish the hair and promote growth so you're giving your lashes a treatment while you use it. It has a big brush with densely packed bristles which helps provides all the volume you need. I personally favour  these kind of brushes over the plastic comb-like ones so I get on well with it but some might find it takes a bit of getting used to.


I know I really like a product when I make noises while applying it and this mascara was making me 'oooh!' and 'ahhh!' all over the shop. The brush coats the lashes effortlessly and my lashes feel soft yet held in place. The castor oil means the lashes don't feel all stiff like a lot of mascaras can. It's really easy to build up too, it doesn't get clumpy at all. 


Even though the hold is amazing it's also lightweight so doesn't drag the lashes down or feel heavy. The 
lengthening effect is incredible and it doesn't flake or smudge, it really dies stay put! The only slight negative I have is that it takes a little more effort to remove than I am used to. 


I think my picture shows just how much volume you can achieve. I'm so impressed with it. I actually really look forward to applying this every day. Apparently this is going to go up to £11.99 at the end of the month so grab one when they're on offer! 

If anyone has compared this to the Better than Sex mascara please let me know as I'd really be interested to see how they measure up against each other!


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Trying out Soap and Glory make-up

I know Soap and Glory has been a big blogger favourite for years but aside from the packaging I just didn't get it. I tried a few bits when I was given gift sets and I was just never really wowed by them. I did love the scent of the Sugar Crush Shower gel and the scrub is great too but I've generally stuck to Lush for my bath bits.

I picked up their Archery brow pencil on a whim and it's now my go-to brow product. But that is where my love for Soap and Glory make-up grounded to a halt . I never really tried anything else.

Well fast forward to this weekend when I needed to pick up a new Archery, and I see an offer that was too bloody good to ignore! 


What was that? Spend another FOUR POUNDS and I get another 3 full sized products to try -it was a no brainer!

Starting with the products I actually paid for - Archery (£10) is a dual ended brow pencil with a liquid brow tint tip on one end and a pencil on the other. It makes filling in my brows so easy and I love it. 

I always need a black liner so I picked up a Smoulder Kohl (£5.50) which is so pigmented and easy to apply. 

Then I received  a cute little gift set containing three products which is great as I now get to really try out a few more bits from the Soap and Glory make-up range. They are all products that can achieve a natural look and are great for pretty much everyone to use. I hate when you get a free gift with colours I would never use. 

So the three products are-

Glow All Out A luminizing highlighting powder (£11)
This is a product I would have picked up alone. I'm loving a bit of highlight lately! It's beautiful powder with a very fine shimmer to it so it's perfect to use all over the face or just on the cheekbones. It's a lovely soft peach and gives a lovely natural glow.


Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick (£9)
A beautiful lipstick in shade 'Love and O-Beige'. It's such a gorgeous nude shade and so so creamy! I've been wearing this every day since I got it.


Supercat Black liquid liner pen (£6.50)
This is another liner with great pigment. I go through phases with liquid liner, I'm either wearing it every day or I don't other for months. I can feel it creeping back into my every day routine already.

A quick bit of maths has shown me that this set is worth £26.50 so it's really worth picking up. For me it's perfect as they're all products I'll definitely use.  Soap and Glory - you have converted me! I'd love to know what else I should try. 


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

2017 Holiday Favourites

If you've been following my Instagram you would have seen that I've been away having a lovely break in Kos, it was absolutely wonderful and just what I needed after a stressful start to the year. 

Packing for holiday can be tricky, I'm fine with clothes, I tend to live in bikinis most of the time I'm away anyway but it's remembering all of the toiletries and every day items. Aside from my shoes my toiletries are the heaviest items and ones I worry about when sticking the weight limit. -A nice little tip, take a child with you, they get the same limit and don't need half as much stuff! Mason's bag had a pair of wedges and all of my hair products. 

I wanted to share a few of my holiday favourites that made my life a little easier while away. Some are essentials I use every day but there are some others that are perfect for travelling. 



First is the Venus Snap portable razor, I admit I thought this was a total gimmick when I first saw it but the case is really handy for travelling and I actually found  the shorter handle easier to manage. Even though the blades are the same as my usual Venus razor this seemed to give me such smooth legs. I picked it up when it was on offer for a fiver, normally it's about £10. 

When my body started to tan I complimented it with the Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess dry body oil. Adding a couple of drops of this to my skin in the evening gave me a real glow. You can see it in action here.

I applied the Hawaiian Tropic Coconut Body Butter afersun every night after exposing my skin to the sun all day. The smell is amazing!

Which leads me on to this fragrance. Any Bronze Goddess fans need to get their hands on a bottle of this Next Summer Sun perfume. It's really similar and a small bottle is only £6!



I found a bottle of Bumble and Bumble Colour Minded UV Protective Polish in my stash of unused products and decided to throw it in my case and I'm glad I did. It keeps waves defined while filtering out UV rays so was great for days at the pool and getting rid of frizz when I attempted the beauty look. 

I absolutely love Pop Bands -they come in a huge range of colours and they don't give your hair any kinks.  I had my hair up most of the time on holiday (a first for me, I usually hide behind my hair so this is a huge step!). They even look great just worn on the wrist too!

Hair gets really dry after days in the sun and in the pool or sea. I always take a conditioning treatment with me to use a couple of times. They do a travel sized Aussie Miracle Moist which is such a great deep conditioner and it means one less massive bottle to carry!

Hair driers in hotels are always so rubbish (WHY THOUGH?!) and who wants to be under a hair drier in 30 degree heat anyway? I popped in my Sleep Rollers after a shower and my hair dried naturally in no time giving me volume without the need of any heat styling. 


For a moisture boost I used the L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water every morning and evening. It's nice and lightweight and really hydrating. I posted about this in more detail here

Even though I was using sun protection each day I still needed to look after my skin so I took along the Origins Drink-up-Intensive mask and popped that on my face before bed on a couple of evenings. It works at rehydrating the skin while you sleep so is nice and easy to use.

I popped in a bottle of the Avene Thermal Spring Water spray. It's a gorgeous light mist that is really refreshing on the skin. 


You can't go wrong with Lancome Hypnose so I picked up their waterproof mascara to take with me. It didn't budge all day and didn't feel dry or clumpy like a lot of waterproof formulas can. 

Each day I wore the La Roche-Posay Anthelios factor 50 BB cream which gave just the right amount of coverage I needed without the need for foundation which I find far too heavy on holiday. My face is a completely different colour to the rest of my body so I can safely say it kept the harmful rays at bay! Excellent sun protection!

I didn't actually need these as I got a fair bit of sleep but I took along some Optrex eye drops so I was prepared for any red-eye mornings after too many cocktails.

I didn't need a whole bottle of nail polish remover so the Elegant Touch nail polish remover pads are perfect if I needed to remove any chipped nail polish. 

I always have my nails painted but I don't want to have to be worrying about them chipping. One year I took 10 nail colours for a 2 week holiday to Cuba (a tad excessive!) but this year I stuck to just the one. The Barry M Sunset nail paint in Peach For the Stars is a beautiful coral and the Sunset range give a gel-like manicure you can achieve at home. There are swatches of the whole range here.

I'd love to know your holiday must haves! Let me know in the comments or over on social media!


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water

 As you might have noticed on my Instagram I've just come back from Greece and while spending all day in the sun and in the sea was absolutely wonderful the elements soon take a toll on my skin. 

I was using my La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Factor 50 BB cream on my face and that kept me fairly protected from the sun but my skin needed some hydration.

Like I do on all holidays after a long day at the beach I'd head back to the hotel for a shower and then cover myself in Aloe Vera gel, it's just second nature to me to apply something moisturising after sun exposure. While the gel is great for my body it's just too  heavy for the face. 

I picked up the L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water thinking it would be a  great lighter alternative and perfect to use on hotter days where I don't want anything too heavy on my face.

 I admit I was originally sucked in by the packaging,  I am all about the mint shades and the glass bottle makes it feel like a high end product even thought I bought it on offer in Boots for £6.66! 

Now don't let the name fool you, although it is 'Aloe Water' it has a slightly thicker consistency to what's inside our Evian bottles. It's almost like a lightweight serum, thicker than water, less thick than a moisturiser.

One pump  gives you enough product to cover the whole face - I've heard some people say they find it a bit tacky when they first apply it but I haven't found that's the case, I can only assume it's because they are applying a little more than they need to. As it is such a thin consistency a little goes a long way. 
 It sinks into the skin quickly and leaves you with toned and hydrated skin. I've used it in place of my usual moisturiser in the morning and evening on my face and neck.

We all know Aloe Vera is wonderful for the skin with it's anti-inflammatory properties. Another ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid which sounds scary but it helps to retain over 1000 times it's weight in water within the cells of the skin.
It increases hydration, is great at repairing collagen and can improve the appearance of scarring too.


As Hydra Genius it is so light and absorbs to easily I've found it perfect to use under make-up as I can apply foundation almost instantly. So it's been perfect to continue use now that I'm at home. 

This 70ml bottle retails at £9.99 but I'm yet to see it sold at full price. Everywhere seems to have it on offer at the moment so it's the perfect excuse to pick one up.


Tuesday, 13 June 2017

L'Oreal Matte Lip Paints

I've become a total liquid lipstick convert recently. I love anything that is low maintenance and that is just what they are, a lip product that you can slap on in the morning and not worry about for pretty much the rest of the day. I tried out 3 nude shades recently here.

Once again I was swayed by L'Oreal having a 3 for 2 offer in Boots and I decided to try out a couple of their new Matte Lip Paints. 
There are so many colours to choose from, lots of nude shades, some gorgeous pinks and a couple of deep reds and plums too. I was spoilt for choice and I left Boots with my hand absolutely covered in swatches - a regular occurrence for me, I admit. 

I picked up 208 Off White which is a pale pinky nude and 201 Hollywood Beige which is actually more pink toned than beige like the name suggests.  

I also repurchased a 24 Hour Infallible Matte foundation - It keeps me shine-free, is
great on my drier patches and gives the coverage I need without looking chalky. L'Oreal foundations are just amazing if you ask me!


Anyway back to the Lip Paints! 

At first I thought it was in a squeezy tube but it has a lipgloss- like applicator. The tip of the applicator really impressed me, it's slightly curved to cover the lips really easily and applies just the right amount of product to sweep across. The tip is pointed to help line the cupids bow. 
Now I wouldn't say they are your typical matte formula. They give more of a semi-matte finish which is packed full of colour and I don't find them drying although I haven't really suffered with dry lips recently.

They feel creamy when you first apply them and the shades are nice and pigmented. They don't set on your lips like some other liquid lipsticks (NYX Lip Lingerie and Barry M Matte-Me-Up for example) which means they aren't as heavy. There is some transfer but not as much as a regular lipstick. They leave a stain on your lips so even with some transfer you are still left with a colour. They last well and don't flake or smudge.

There's a glossy 'lacquer' version of these too which I might end up trying out but I am really loving a matte lip at the moment. I've been wearing the pinker shade constantly lately - it's gorgeous!

I'd love to know if you've tried these.

L'Oreal Lip Paints are £6.99 and currently 3 for 2 at Boots. 


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Colossal Big Shot Mascara from Maybelline

I'm back! It's been a while hasn't it? My blog had some technical issues, then it had a bit of a revamp thanks to our talented friend Jim. And then I just didn't feel right posting anything last week with everything going on. 

So here I am with a new release to show you - and it's a goodun! 


You may have tried a mascara from Maybelline's Colossal range in the past, being cheap and cheerful and offering amazing results, it would be a crime not to try one. When this landed on my doorstep I had high hopes already -Maybelline know their stuff when it comes to mascara, but I wasn't expecting to be so wowed by the newest Colossal mascara - the Colossal Big Shot Volum' Express Mascara


The packaging is in-line with the other Colossal mascaras, big and chunky with a feathery brush. The metallic packaging of this one stand out as a new release. The name Big Shot just has to be gold, doesn't it?! It's enriched with collagen to really boost that eye area with an instant charge of volume. 


It claims to give you big, bold volumised lashes in one coat - and that's exactly what it does!

The bristle brush loads the lashes with product without clumping. The brush separates and covers the lashes in mascara with minimum effort and has been a life saver on busy mornings, just one quick sweep and I'm good to go. it can be built up if you want a more dramatic effect but I honestly don't think it needs it.  


One coat is really all you need, it's so quick to apply and it gives amazing results right away. It really does give a BIG SHOT of volume that stays put, there's no flaking or smudging -even in this hot weather. I have always said you don't need to to spend a fortune on high end mascaras as the high street do them so brilliantly for a fraction of the price. This mascara is proof of that, it's less than a tenner and Maybelline always have offers on too.  I AM LOVING THIS! 

It's a really reasonable £7.99 and out now.


Monday, 8 May 2017

Sleek Distorted Dreams Palette and Metallic Matte Me Lip Creams

Last week I attended the Sleek Distorted Dreams party at Tape, London. It was a great evening with cocktails and oh-so tasty canapés and most of all it gave me the chance to catch up with some wonderful people and really get back into my blogging game after a tiny set-back with my health last year. 


The night was to celebrate two new products in time for Summer, new additions to their Matte Me lip creams and a truly stunning highlighter palette. Both of which are  packed with reflective and holographic pigments to illuminate your cheeks, around the eyes and your lips. The girls from Britain's Next Top model were there looking leggy and stunning and their cheekbones were shimmering down to the new highlighting palette that was actually used in that night's episode - Sleek are taking over guys! 


There are many products Sleek do well, but the one that stands out to me is their highlighters, they're so pigmented, really long lasting and not at all glittery. I'm after a bold glow, I don't want to look like something my son created at nursery! Sleek help me achieve that with no problem and you don't have to spend a fortune either. 

 The New Distorted Dreams highlighting palette does not disappoint, firstly it's only £10.99 and you get 5 shades to play with. As always it's in a really sturdy case with a nice large mirror. The casing itself has a mirror-like surface which in my case has got really smudged but let's be honest, once you’ve taken a picture for instagram does packaging really need to stay pristine!? 


The palette contains three cream highlighters, a pink shell, a silver with a subtle green to it (it sounds scary but it’s fab!) and the small square in the middle contains a blue tone for if you’re feeling brave - it looks great on a darker skin tone. They’re definitely fun to play with and will be incredible for festival season. I’m just picturing them at pool parties (not that I ever go to them but hey, a girl can dream!) 
If cream highlighters aren't your thing there's also two powder highlighters, a golden bronze and a pink with purple/blue tones which is just stunning. 


On to the lips. We all love the original matte Me lip creams, (that lilac shade is beautiful! If you haven’t seen it take a look, it's perfect for spring) they last such a long time and there's such a great shade selection too. 


Sleek have added three shades that really give you the chance to embrace the metallic trend and add something special to a bold lip. 

There are three metallics, Rusted Rose, a deep frosted rose,  Volcanic which has more of a nude tone with a touch of purple; Think Velvet Teddy with a kick! And Roman Copper- a golden/amber shade which looks great lightly swept over a nude lip.

 These shades are beautiful and are going to be amazing right through to Autumn. these gold tones are already making me think of crispy leaves and it's barely even Summer yet. If metallics are your thing I really recommend you try them out, for just
£4.99 you can't really say no! These are available at the end of the month so just in time for payday!

*I was kindly gifted these products but as always thoughts are 100% my own


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

NEW Maybelline Eraser Shades

The Maybelline Eraser is one concealer I always recommend. I've repurchased it over and over and it works wonders on my under eyes. 

Up until recently there was only a light and medium shade (and the light is always out of stock in my local Boots!) so I really pleased to see there are now a couple of additions to the collection. While the originals are marketed as a concealer these are also an eye treatment. I've picked up the Brightener which has pink tone for really brightening the eye area and Neautralizer which has more of a yellow tone to cover dark circles. 


If you're not familiar with the Eraser it comes in a tube with an attached sponge on top which means you can easily add the product straight to the skin. I use it to swipe across my underage area and then pat with my finger finger to really blend it in without adding too much product. It's pretty refreshing and the formula is enriched with goji berry which helps hydrate the eye area too.

I know some don't like the idea of the applicator but I've found it can be removed and you can use the concealer straight from the bottle. Although  Maybelline do say that it is protected with an anti-microbial system to keep it clean. They also advise you only wipe excess product off with tissue and not to wet the sponge.

I've put the three shades next to each other to show the difference. 


It offers a medium coverage that can be built up and I don't find it too heavy at all. I find it covers brilliantly even without the need for setting it with a powder (a step I constantly miss out in my make up routine). I always look more alive when I'm using one of these and at the moment I'm really favouring the brightener for adding some luminosity. 


These can be used with foundation or even under a concealer to give you flawless coverage. If you have a concealer that's too dark you can add some neutraliser to brighten it up. I've found a lot of colour correctors to be quite thick and heavy which is not what you need under your eyes so these are really brilliant. 

They are £7.99 each and pretty much always on offer so I definitely recommend trying one out. 

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