Tuesday, 13 June 2017

L'Oreal Matte Lip Paints

I've become a total liquid lipstick convert recently. I love anything that is low maintenance and that is just what they are, a lip product that you can slap on in the morning and not worry about for pretty much the rest of the day. I tried out 3 nude shades recently here.

Once again I was swayed by L'Oreal having a 3 for 2 offer in Boots and I decided to try out a couple of their new Matte Lip Paints. 
There are so many colours to choose from, lots of nude shades, some gorgeous pinks and a couple of deep reds and plums too. I was spoilt for choice and I left Boots with my hand absolutely covered in swatches - a regular occurrence for me, I admit. 

I picked up 208 Off White which is a pale pinky nude and 201 Hollywood Beige which is actually more pink toned than beige like the name suggests.  

I also repurchased a 24 Hour Infallible Matte foundation - It keeps me shine-free, is
great on my drier patches and gives the coverage I need without looking chalky. L'Oreal foundations are just amazing if you ask me!


Anyway back to the Lip Paints! 

At first I thought it was in a squeezy tube but it has a lipgloss- like applicator. The tip of the applicator really impressed me, it's slightly curved to cover the lips really easily and applies just the right amount of product to sweep across. The tip is pointed to help line the cupids bow. 
Now I wouldn't say they are your typical matte formula. They give more of a semi-matte finish which is packed full of colour and I don't find them drying although I haven't really suffered with dry lips recently.

They feel creamy when you first apply them and the shades are nice and pigmented. They don't set on your lips like some other liquid lipsticks (NYX Lip Lingerie and Barry M Matte-Me-Up for example) which means they aren't as heavy. There is some transfer but not as much as a regular lipstick. They leave a stain on your lips so even with some transfer you are still left with a colour. They last well and don't flake or smudge.

There's a glossy 'lacquer' version of these too which I might end up trying out but I am really loving a matte lip at the moment. I've been wearing the pinker shade constantly lately - it's gorgeous!

I'd love to know if you've tried these.

L'Oreal Lip Paints are £6.99 and currently 3 for 2 at Boots. 


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Colossal Big Shot Mascara from Maybelline

I'm back! It's been a while hasn't it? My blog had some technical issues, then it had a bit of a revamp thanks to our talented friend Jim. And then I just didn't feel right posting anything last week with everything going on. 

So here I am with a new release to show you - and it's a goodun! 


You may have tried a mascara from Maybelline's Colossal range in the past, being cheap and cheerful and offering amazing results, it would be a crime not to try one. When this landed on my doorstep I had high hopes already -Maybelline know their stuff when it comes to mascara, but I wasn't expecting to be so wowed by the newest Colossal mascara - the Colossal Big Shot Volum' Express Mascara


The packaging is in-line with the other Colossal mascaras, big and chunky with a feathery brush. The metallic packaging of this one stand out as a new release. The name Big Shot just has to be gold, doesn't it?! It's enriched with collagen to really boost that eye area with an instant charge of volume. 


It claims to give you big, bold volumised lashes in one coat - and that's exactly what it does!

The bristle brush loads the lashes with product without clumping. The brush separates and covers the lashes in mascara with minimum effort and has been a life saver on busy mornings, just one quick sweep and I'm good to go. it can be built up if you want a more dramatic effect but I honestly don't think it needs it.  


One coat is really all you need, it's so quick to apply and it gives amazing results right away. It really does give a BIG SHOT of volume that stays put, there's no flaking or smudging -even in this hot weather. I have always said you don't need to to spend a fortune on high end mascaras as the high street do them so brilliantly for a fraction of the price. This mascara is proof of that, it's less than a tenner and Maybelline always have offers on too.  I AM LOVING THIS! 

It's a really reasonable £7.99 and out now.


Monday, 8 May 2017

Sleek Distorted Dreams Palette and Metallic Matte Me Lip Creams

Last week I attended the Sleek Distorted Dreams party at Tape, London. It was a great evening with cocktails and oh-so tasty canapés and most of all it gave me the chance to catch up with some wonderful people and really get back into my blogging game after a tiny set-back with my health last year. 


The night was to celebrate two new products in time for Summer, new additions to their Matte Me lip creams and a truly stunning highlighter palette. Both of which are  packed with reflective and holographic pigments to illuminate your cheeks, around the eyes and your lips. The girls from Britain's Next Top model were there looking leggy and stunning and their cheekbones were shimmering down to the new highlighting palette that was actually used in that night's episode - Sleek are taking over guys! 


There are many products Sleek do well, but the one that stands out to me is their highlighters, they're so pigmented, really long lasting and not at all glittery. I'm after a bold glow, I don't want to look like something my son created at nursery! Sleek help me achieve that with no problem and you don't have to spend a fortune either. 

 The New Distorted Dreams highlighting palette does not disappoint, firstly it's only £10.99 and you get 5 shades to play with. As always it's in a really sturdy case with a nice large mirror. The casing itself has a mirror-like surface which in my case has got really smudged but let's be honest, once you’ve taken a picture for instagram does packaging really need to stay pristine!? 


The palette contains three cream highlighters, a pink shell, a silver with a subtle green to it (it sounds scary but it’s fab!) and the small square in the middle contains a blue tone for if you’re feeling brave - it looks great on a darker skin tone. They’re definitely fun to play with and will be incredible for festival season. I’m just picturing them at pool parties (not that I ever go to them but hey, a girl can dream!) 
If cream highlighters aren't your thing there's also two powder highlighters, a golden bronze and a pink with purple/blue tones which is just stunning. 


On to the lips. We all love the original matte Me lip creams, (that lilac shade is beautiful! If you haven’t seen it take a look, it's perfect for spring) they last such a long time and there's such a great shade selection too. 


Sleek have added three shades that really give you the chance to embrace the metallic trend and add something special to a bold lip. 

There are three metallics, Rusted Rose, a deep frosted rose,  Volcanic which has more of a nude tone with a touch of purple; Think Velvet Teddy with a kick! And Roman Copper- a golden/amber shade which looks great lightly swept over a nude lip.

 These shades are beautiful and are going to be amazing right through to Autumn. these gold tones are already making me think of crispy leaves and it's barely even Summer yet. If metallics are your thing I really recommend you try them out, for just
£4.99 you can't really say no! These are available at the end of the month so just in time for payday!

*I was kindly gifted these products but as always thoughts are 100% my own


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

NEW Maybelline Eraser Shades

The Maybelline Eraser is one concealer I always recommend. I've repurchased it over and over and it works wonders on my under eyes. 

Up until recently there was only a light and medium shade (and the light is always out of stock in my local Boots!) so I really pleased to see there are now a couple of additions to the collection. While the originals are marketed as a concealer these are also an eye treatment. I've picked up the Brightener which has pink tone for really brightening the eye area and Neautralizer which has more of a yellow tone to cover dark circles. 


If you're not familiar with the Eraser it comes in a tube with an attached sponge on top which means you can easily add the product straight to the skin. I use it to swipe across my underage area and then pat with my finger finger to really blend it in without adding too much product. It's pretty refreshing and the formula is enriched with goji berry which helps hydrate the eye area too.

I know some don't like the idea of the applicator but I've found it can be removed and you can use the concealer straight from the bottle. Although  Maybelline do say that it is protected with an anti-microbial system to keep it clean. They also advise you only wipe excess product off with tissue and not to wet the sponge.

I've put the three shades next to each other to show the difference. 


It offers a medium coverage that can be built up and I don't find it too heavy at all. I find it covers brilliantly even without the need for setting it with a powder (a step I constantly miss out in my make up routine). I always look more alive when I'm using one of these and at the moment I'm really favouring the brightener for adding some luminosity. 


These can be used with foundation or even under a concealer to give you flawless coverage. If you have a concealer that's too dark you can add some neutraliser to brighten it up. I've found a lot of colour correctors to be quite thick and heavy which is not what you need under your eyes so these are really brilliant. 

They are £7.99 each and pretty much always on offer so I definitely recommend trying one out. 


Thursday, 20 April 2017

L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara

For me there are two high street brands that do the best mascaras- Bourjois and L'Oreal. I have tried and tested SO many brands and these are the ones that repeatedly come out on top. You've probably seen me harp on about the Bourjois One Seconde Volume before and I've reproached L'Oreal's Million lashes mascara for years. 

l'oreal-miss-babyroll-mega-volume-mascaraI am always tempted by a new mascara, and this L'Oreal one was not only on offer (a very reasonable £7.99 RRP but there was £2 off) but the packaging was so damn Instagrammable (is that a word yet...?), I was immediately drawn in. I hadn't heard anything about the mascara or seen any advertising but I trust L'Oreal to know their stuff so into my basket it went. 

So firstly  the packaging is lovely and bright, it has a 50's diner feel and I really love the colour combination. It's available in Black, Waterproof and also in Teal, Indigo and Lilac if you want to experiment with some colour -perfect for festival season!

This mascara claims to give you mega volume, a curl without the need of an eyelash curler and all day hold. 

What makes this unique is the twisted brush. The brushes swirling around the wand intrigued me. It applies quite a bit of product at first but the twirly brush pulls it through so it's nice and even and you end up with just the right amount of formula coating your lashes. It's not one that you can slap on quickly and head out the door, it takes a bit of care and attention but the results are worth it. 

I have found it does exactly as it says, it really lifts and gives the lash a real curl. The brush separates lashes easily and ensures both sides of each lash is covered as it combs through them. Like all L'Oreal mascaras there is no transfer or smudging so it lasts perfectly. I wish I was brave enough to try out the coloured shades but it's great there is the option out there at an affordable price. 

Once again, L'Oreal, I'm pretty impressed.


Friday, 14 April 2017

Benefit Brow Mobile -Transforming the Nation's Brows!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to Brighton for an event with Benefit. The weather has been hotting up so an evening in Brighton was definitely something I was up for! Living in Surrey I'm perfectly in between the hustle and bustle of London (which I adore and miss dearly!) and the calm yet quirky vibes from the coast. 


So I drove down to Brighton to learn a little more about Benefit's brow products and take a look at the amazing Brow Mobile and make #FriendswithBenefit!


The event was held at One Girl Band Space, on Vine Street which is run by the lovely Lola Hoad who gave us a really inspirational talk on making it as a young business owner and being a total girl boss. She was so relatable and really interesting to listen to. She told us about her journey and her advice on being consistent, posting regularly, getting your name out there and making the most of your time. If you love something enough and put enough effort in you will get there. Her advice on being yourself and building confidence really resonated with me. Not everyone will understand what you do or necessarily be your number one fan but that's ok, it's best to focus on the things that make you happy and carry on. We all hit obstacles but we shouldn't let them hold us back.  She spoke about how we should share the love and help others who are in the same boat which I really agree with, I think it's great when bloggers repost other's links or give them a little shout out. It's so important to realise it's not all about numbers. I hate when the first thing someone asks me is 'how many followers do you have?' it's so much more than that these days and it's important to get your head down and do what you love and success will follow. Lola sells incredible prints which I will definitely be buying for our new place. I felt like I really learnt a lot from her so it would be nice to have something from her  in my home. I'm definitely going to  book one of her brush lettering workshops too, I'd love to be able to make my own prints and if I can create anything nearly as good as what she can I'll be really happy. 

I was given the chance to personalise a pair of Benefit's fantastic Grooming Tweezers. They are such good quality and I love the fact they have a brush on the end, it makes things so much easier having what I need in one place and the grip on them is brilliant -definitely much better than the tweezers I was using previously


Benefit's Trend Team were on hand to tame our brows and it was a chance to try out some of their products and take a look at their latest releases. I'm already a big fan of the Goof Proof Brow pencil and now I've got a couple of extra bits on my wish list including  Ka-Brow, a brow gel which has a built-in brush that can be used to build up colour to sculpt and define your brows. It's also waterproof so is going to be great this Summer. There are some lovely brow kits too which is a great way to test out a couple of products at once.

We also had a Q&A with Youtuber Tashie Tinks (who I admit I hadn't heard of before but that's probably because I'm old!). The first thing I noticed was how great her hair was and how she looked effortlessly stylish. She had some really good social media advice and I'm now aware of her Instagram which has some incredible photography inspiration. 


During the evening the Brow Mobile pulled up and I got to take a little  look inside. The Brow Mobile is a 4x4 in Benefit's signature pink which is kitted out with all the brow products needed to transform your brows. It's doing a tour of the UK at the moment and is manned by brow experts ready to wax, map, tint, shape and style brows. Brows are big news at the moment and Benefit are dedicated in bringing the brand to us to really help us out and educate us too. No Sharpie brows around here, that's for sure! It's amazing how much space there is inside.


I got involved and tried on the '#BenefitBrows' Jacket which was incredibly cosy, I assure you! 

I had to head back earlier than I would have liked (mum duties!) but I was kindly given a goodie bag with some fab products inside. 

A greetings card from Lola with a perfectly fitting wedding theme!
A much loved They’re Real! mascara - perfect for curling and separating the lashes.
POREfessional: License to Blot - a blotting stick to improve the skin's texture and absorb excess oil. 
Benebalm -a moisturising lip balm with a red tint (so good I now need to try the lighter shade Posiebalm)
and an Angled Brow Brush.


I had a great evening and it was so nice to not only meet some more bloggers but come away really motivated by the talks too. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Brow Mobile. For more pics of the event head over to my Instagram.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Spring bags 2017

I've never been one to carry around my life in my bag. Even when Mason was little I didn't buy into the 'everything and the kitchen sink' thing. It's bad for your back and 9 times out of 10 you don't need half of the stuff in there. I try to carry around what I need, don't get me wrong, it's by no means tidy in there! I have to rummage through various receipts, tissues, wrappers and leaflets before I can find my phone, if you call and I actually answer in time it's a bloody miracle! I always end up with about 5 lipsticks by the end of the week but I do 'try' to keep it somewhat minimalistic. 

I have been looking for  a bag that's great for everyday when I'm just running about doing bits and pieces. Basically the school run or when I'm just popping out in the car when I only really need a bit of cash, my phone and keys (and probably a lipstick or two, let's be honest!).

I've been having a huge clear out recently, anything that doesn't make me happy or isn't any use to me is OUTTA HERE! I've just got so much crap! Looking through my old Summer clothes there are so many bags that are falling apart, I have no idea why I still have them. After many years of buying products that are basically disposable  I've decided it's time to make sure I invest in things that are going to last. This way I make sure I make purchases that I've really thought about. I love my big Micheal Kors bag and I use it almost every day and it isn't worn at all so I was tempted to go for Michael Kors again for quality alone  but the little ones are kind-of all the same and not really what I'm after - Plus with my MK and my Frapucciono I'm just a Fiat 500 away from being basic AF in Spring time  anyway! 

These are a few little bags that I love the look of for this Spring and many Springs to come (because I'm thrifty like that!) which means they are a little more on the expensive side but worth it!


1. I almost bought the smaller version of this pink Kate Spade (£295)  bag  the other day but it is just too tiny. This one is a much better size for me and GIIIRRRL that colour! There's  3 sections, a shoulder strap and the gold hardware and tassel detail is right up my street.

2. Oh, so pretty!  *sigh*I had to include 'The' Chloe bag (£1370) but at that price tag I just cannot justify it. There are a few dupes around but if I get one I'll be going against MY PLAN! Let's just look at it...

3. I absolutely adore this Lilac Moschino shoulder bag (£174). Lilac is one of my favourite Spring shades and the quilting makes it look much more expensive than it is. 

4. I really like this dinky DKNY small cross body bag (£150). It opens up at the top which is brilliant for throwing in my keys and phone and the front pocket is great to keep my Oyster card handy for minimum rummaging at the gates. 

5. Just look at the Ted Baker 'Wow' clutch (£109). I'm tempted to get it to hold up when I'm (un)impressed with something. I feel it compliments my sarcasm perfectly.

6. Yes, another Moschino but they are killing it this season. The Pink Moschino bag (£155) has a bit of a grown up Barbie feel and I like it.

7. ok so I mayyyyy have already bought this one. It was just too 'me' to turn down. The blue DKNY cross-body bag (£150)  was the perfect size for what I need, it's really simple and I love having the option to wear the strap long or short. Versatility at it's best.

8. At the more affordable end there's this Aldo embroidered bag (£50). I just love the colours and the Japanese inspired embroidery is really cute too. This would feel perfect for the night time as well as in the day.  

Feel free to share any of your Spring bag recommendations, I am bag-obsessed at the moment! And follow me over on Instagram if you want to see the new bag in action. 


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nude Liquid Lipsticks Compared

I've had a love for liquid lipsticks since the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets hit the scene and as much as I loved them I wanted some more shades I could wear everyday. I made the mistake of wearing a red on a day I was taking my son swimming. I popped it on in the morning without a thought. I hadn't reapplied all day (or looked in a mirror, apparently) and it wasn't until that evening in a kids pool with my son, in a bikini with a striking red lip looking like I thought I was some sort of a 50's pin up. They are great that you can leave them on all day and pretty much forget about them, with my day's being all over the place, juggling mum-life, work-life and home-life I need something to suit all occasions. 

Like many men on Tinder I was after some nudes!


I've been wearing these 3 nude shades a lot for the past few weeks. I love the fact they all set in place, you can pretty much leave them on for the day without worrying about reapplying. I find them to be a great base for lipsticks too if you want to change the shade a little bit. Adding a sheer pink over the top of a nude is very cute for spring.


Let me break them down for you...

liquid-lipsticks-nyx-lip-lingerie-babydoll-Revlon-seduction-barry-m-pose-swatchestop to bottom- NYX Lip Lingerie Babydoll, Revlon Ultra HD Seduction and Barry M Matte-Me-Up Pose

NYX Lip Lingerie in Babydoll (£6.50) is the lightest shade. It has an ALMOST candy-pink to it without being too much. This is very quick drying and out of the three the most drying on the lips but not so much that it's a problem. I didn't think it felt heavy or stiff at all, just if you have particularly chapped lips then avoid this one. The staying power is awesome though.

Rimmel Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Seduction (£8.99)
I really like the frosted packaging of this one and as it's slightly bigger it's easy to find in my bag and see which shade it is. This has a different texture to the others, it's much more like a lipstick with it's creamy, velvety feel. It's a bit of a warmer shade so it's perfect for all year round - it will be fab in Autumn. It has a slight vanilla scent and I wouldn't say it's your typical matte finish, it's definitely not glossy but not strictly matte either. 

'Matte with a little somethin' somethin' 


Barry M Matte-Me-Up Lip Kit in Pose (£6.99)
If you want something long lasting this is the one to go for. All swatches lasted on my arm all day (and overnight cos I'm a total dirtbag!) and when I washed them off in the shower the next morning this one took the most amount of rubbing to remove. It goes on more watery than the others but it is still easy to apply and dries pretty quickly. It looks a lot more pink when it's first applied but dries slightly darker with more of a brown tone. It's a reasonable price anyway but you get more for your money with this lip kit as you get a fab lip liner too. 

They all feel fairly light on the lips to me, I don't really notice I'm wearing them but I am used to wearing a lip colour every day. I think I need to pic up some brighter shades for Summer and I've heard some great things about NYX Liquid suede's too. I don't think I'll ever own enough lipsticks but for me liquid lips is the way to go this season if not just for the easy life! 


The prices I've included are based on the Boots website but there are always offers on to save you some money. 

I'd love to know your liquid lip recommendations. Tweet me or leave me a comment.


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

 Mother's Day is creeping up on us. For me it's the start of Spring, even though technically the first day of Spring was this week I always feel like Mother's Day is the first time it really feels Spring-like to me. I suppose because I always buy flowers I just always associate the day with bright colours and pretty things. 

My Mum doesn't like a huge fuss, even though she does so much for me and my brothers she would prefer us all to be together than be given lots of presents. I like to make sure I get her a little something just to say thank you for everything she does for us. Much like Christmas and Valentine's day, it's not about the presents but it's nice to have a day to show you really appreciate someone and want to take time to treat them.

I've already posted about the great Lush Mother's Day range which has some great ideas but I wanted to add a few things I've thought of that would be a perfect treat.

My Mum always asks for her favourite foundation and mascara. She usually leaves it up to me to chose a mascara as she chops and changes her brands a lot. I went to get her the YSL Faux Cils mascara one year but she told me not to waste my money - she's more than happy with L'Oreal or Revlon. Her favourite foundation is Revlon's Colorstay and I can't knock her choice there! 

I plan to pick up some flowers and a Boots voucher as she's not low on any make up at the moment. But I've found a couple of other bits I wanted to share that also make good presents for any Mum. 


I recently ordered a few Yankee Votive Candles  that are perfect scents for Spring. These are super cheap too and a great way to try out a scent without shelling out for a large candle. They're perfect extras to add to a gift.

These all have a beach theme which means a lot to my Mum and I as we spent every Summer at our holiday home in West Sussex. 

The first scent is Pink Sands which is sweet and floral with notes of Citrus and Berry with a Vanilla base. 

Next is Driftwood which also has a sweetness to it from the mix of waterlily, Tonka Bean and Cedar with added sea salt 

I also added Sea Air which I find really refreshing and crisp. It reminds me of sea water and has a really fresh beach flower scent too. 

You can't go wrong with a lovely skincare treat. I was recently sent a product from Inner Soul to try out and I just love it, I had to add it to this list.
Developed by Emma Coleman, Inner-Soul’s Healing Night Balm* has been designed to use all over the face and support skin healing as you sleep. 

inner-soul-healing-night-balmYou only need a small amount  (they recommend a berry sized amount of product) Smooth it over the face, neck and eyes before you go to sleep, it's best to use upward and outward sweeps to help with circulation. Press onto areas of imbalance using the fingertips. Take a moment to inhale the relaxing scents of Patchouli and Lavender  which naturally hydrate the skin by balancing sebum production and have a deeply calming effect on the mind. The scent is wonderful and I've always had a great sleep when I've applied this.

It's made with 100% natural, 99% organic ingredients so it's suitable for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

There are some wonderful ingredients in there such as :
Certified organic Mango Butter which provides rejuvenating vitamin A. 
Arnica - a natural homoeopathic remedy for dealing with bruising and has been added to this balm to heal and reduce dark circles.
Amaranth -extracted from the seeds of the plant, has naturally potent abilities to reduce inflammation and dryness over the skin. 
And Squalane - extracted from olives -a natural antioxidant and owing to its small molecular structure permeates the skin rapidly. It softens skin, reduces outbreaks and helps to reverse sun damage.

That's a whole lot of goodness and a real treat for any Mum who needs some pampering. I'm really loving it so far, I'm looking forward to seeing the long term effects. 

*I was kindly gifted this product but all thoughts are my own

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