Monday, 28 November 2016

Lush Error 404 Bath Bomb #KeepItOn

I decided to brave the high street on the dreaded Black Friday, I had images of people fighting over toasters, Mum's ramming buggies into people's legs to get a new steriliser and crowds everywhere. 
Mayhem, I predicted mayhem. 
I headed into town after dropping Mason to school and I was surprised to see it wasn't actually that bad. Maybe I just went early enough or maybe this year the majority of people decided to do their shopping online.

...which brings me on beautifully to this great little exclusive I picked up in Lush. 


Although Lush weren't taking part in Black Friday they did have a very limited edition bath bomb that was released that day and is only around for 5 days.

I noticed a display at the front of the store, something sparkly caught my eye (nothing new there). Resembling a large golden egg was the Error 404 Bath Bomb, on closer inspection it's got a bit of a futuristic feel about it with 404 printed across the front and metallic gold finish. This particular bath bomb is raising money for a good cause. Profits from the sales of the Error 404 go to the Digital Fund, supporting activist group Access Now who are dedicated to fighting government enforced Internet shut downs. 


Internet shutdowns occur when governments cut off public access to online communication. It usually occurs during things like protests and elections. Not only is silencing people like this is a huge violation of our freedom of speech and expressing ourselves online but it costs countries all across the world billions. 

Deji Bryce Olukotun, Senior Global Advocacy Manager at Access Now says “Internet shutdowns are early warning signs of atrocities. They block emergency services and prevent people from communicating with their loved ones. They also harm economies — shutdowns are like avalanches that shear through the foundation for economic growth, wrecking lives and businesses along the way. Governments need to send a strong message by holding officials accountable for ordering them, and companies should step up by speaking out and sharing more information.”

Shutting down WhatsApp fro just one day in Brazil last year cost the county $39 million USD due to being cut off from their businesses.

In some countries governments are controlling what people see so they're only getting half the picture, in dangerous situations it would be difficult to find out if their families were safe, they could even be unable to share information about world events that they feel people should know about.

This actually happens around the world to millions of people. Could you even imagine it? It's only fair that the Internet is equal for everyone. Access Now defend the digital rights of users everywhere by telling world leaders to treat people equally  You can take part using the hash tag #KeepItOn to spread the word.

The bath bomb itself smells lovely. It's a wonderfully soothing vanilla scent and fizzes away leaving layers of blue and gold bath water and reveals a printed text message in the middle. Although it has a metallic look to it you don't end up covered in gold like a lot of the shimmy/glitter bath bombs. For me this is  a big plus as I hate cleaning all the residue from around the bath. 
Ew isn't residue a horrible word...? 

By purchasing the Error 404 you'll add to the Digital Fund to support digital activity who are working to keep the Internet free, open and safe. You only have til 30th November to pick one up and help a good cause so head down to Lush!

You can also sign the petition here to help countries around the world #KeepItOn 


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