Thursday, 27 October 2016

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner

I don't know about you, but I am terrible at cleaning my make-up brushes. I should really give them a proper deep clean far more often than I do. Come to think of it, I can't actually remember the last time I cleaned them! Terrible beauty blogger....

To avoid them getting built-up with product I give them a half-hearted mini-clean before I put them away. And I really mean half-hearted! Just a quick dusting off on the back of my hand or bit of tissue. I feel like I'm helping but when I come to use a brush again there's always some of the make up still there - not ideal for creating a quick smoky eye before leaving the house!


I always believed I couldn't do the job well enough without some brush cleaner or at least some water.  

But that brings me on to the product I'm reviewing today. The Shadow Switch is a dry brush cleaner, yep - dry! There's no need to add water so it saves so much time.


Inside the little tin there's what looks like a sponge at first but closer up it kind of resembles velcro. I guess a wiry, crispy sponge is the way to describe it.

It is used mainly for eyeshadow brushes but it could help to dust away powder or blush from larger brushes.

The Shadow Switch cleans your brushes really simply by dusting away the traces of shadow on the brush, ready for a new colour. 

It really is so easy to use. Just gently swirl the brush around in the tin  - you don't need to be heavy handed at all which is good news for your brushes. The sponge catches each bristle flicking away the eyeshadow particles. Your brush is then good to go, all ready for another shade. 


It's particularly good for eyeshadow pallets, take the Naked 3 for example, I love so many of the shades and the brush is great, but once you've used both ends you can't use them on another shade without cleaning the brush. You either need to have extra brushes on hand or you need come brush cleaner. That's just too much hard work for me. Now you just grab your Shadow Switch and to dust off the old eyeshadow and you've got a clean brush again. Much easier!

 The tin is lightweight so it's great on the go - I think make-up artists will love this. I know when I help out with friends make-up before nights out this will come in really useful! 

I suppose you could just use the inner sponge but the tin is handy to keep it in if you're carrying it around. It also means it's kept clean too. When it's been used a few times there's some shadow build-up inside but you can clean it with water and fragrance free soap. 

It's currently available at Amazon will soon be available in Sephora too.

This doesn't replace your deep clean as you need some soap to was away bacterias that build up over time but it will keep your brushes fresher for longer and the deep clean will be much easier without a load of eyeshadow build up. 

There's new packaging on the way so look out for it, it's still the same great product but it will look like this on the shelves -


I think it's such a great product and is perfect for anyone who loves to experiment with eyeshadow. At just over a fiver it's a great  Christmas stocking filler or even Secret Santa present. 

*I was kindly gifted this product but all views are 100% my own.


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