Monday, 18 July 2016

Kiss Lashes Review

I have been told that I don't need to wear false eye lashes, but a girl is never really satisfied, is she? I don't know about you, but I always want more- I'm just that kinda girl.


I've tried many many lashes in the past and while I love how they look, I find them a bit of a problem to wear. They either feel heavy or feel like they're trying to poke my eye out. I know pain is beauty and everything but there just has to be a better option?

I was sent a couple of bits from Kiss and I was really excited to try out a brand I hadn't tired before. Swayed by celebrity endorsements in the past, I just didn't get tempted by 'regular lashes'. I think this might have been where I was going wrong. 


First I tried the Natural Flourish Blooming Lash strip lashes in 'Daisy'. The difference with this is that they have 3 levels of lashes so they appear fuller. They are spaced out to add depth and fan out the lashes. 

Usually I use my Duo lash glue as glue that comes with lashes usually disappoint me but I thought I'd give these a fair test and I found to the glue to be excellent. It dries clear and held the lashes in place really well . There was no inner corners pinging off at all - i think this is down to the band being so thin and light. 


The layers of multi-angled lashes gave a  more natural look (whose lashes are all evenly spaces out in straight lines anyway?)  They felt really soft and light, definitely more suited for a night out as they aren't really subtle but they gave a bit of oomph to my make up that day for sure!


I haven't tried individual lashes before, to be honest I'd always found one strip lash a pain to apply so I steered clear of fiddly individual ones. But these are a total game changer! Rather than tiny single lashes the Kiss Haute Couture Natural Premium Lashes give you the control and precision that individual lashes give you but make it a great deal easier by grouping a few together.

These lashes come in little sets of 3. You still get to be precise but you're applying 3 lots at a time. Held together  on a clear, thin band they look really natural.  You can chose to apply as many as you like, where ever you like. 

There are two lengths to chose from 'short' and 'x-short which are great on the inner corners of the eye. It's much faster and easier to apply -I'd even say once I got the hang of it I found them easier to apply than regular strip lashes as I only had a small area to concentrate on at once. In the picture below I have two sets on the outer corner, I would add an extra one on the outer corner if I wanted a little more definition but I found these perfect to wear in the day time. 


Remove the lashes with a gentle eye make up remover or baby oil, take care of them and clean them properly you can wear them a few times. 

*I was kindly gifted these products but all thoughts are 100% my own 


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