Monday, 4 January 2016

Lush Yoga Bomb

So did you manage to nab anything in the Lush sale? 
Ever since I braved Westfeild the year it opened on Boxing Day I've vowed to stay away from the sales straight after Christmas but I do have a little look around online.

After a bit of planning I thought I'd try and pick up a gift set or two, half price gift sets in nice boxes tempt me far too much! But after trying throughout the day to get on to the website I gave up. 

I was just being greedy really. 
I didn't need any Lush bits at all as I had a lovely selection for Christmas from a couple of my besties. Enough to keep me in relaxing bubbly bliss for a good few months, that's for sure.


One of the products was the Yoga Bomb bath bomb. I'd not tried it before but the description of the perfect 'calm in your bath' and an 'ideal atmosphere to lie back and contemplate life' sounded wonderful.

After dropping in the bath it starts to foam and turns the bath a golden colour 
-ever so slightly resembling an unhealthy wee...

Calming ingredients such as sandalwood oil and ho wood oil promote relaxation and the fine glitter surrounding you makes it like you're bathing in liquid gold.

It made some beautiful patterns in the bath and I was mesmerised! A sun-like shape was made which made me think of the film 'Tangled' 

"And at last I see the liiigght....."


Even the bubbles it created left behind hexagonal honeycomb shapes. I found myself in a trance watching it the whole time, that's possibly why it feels so relaxing.

As you reach the centre of the bath bomb it releases pretty purple and turquoise swirls into the bath which meant I was oooh-ing and ahh-ing like I was watching a firework display.


After the bath water is emptied it left the bath sparkly which is nice 'til you have to clean it. Sam said it looked like someone had murdered Tinkerbell.

My skin was left feeling so soft but the scent didn't really linger. I was covered in subtle flecks of glitter which would be fine to go out in, I'm always a little bit wary of glittery products, the disco-ball look doesn't suit me. 

Overall a winner, a £3.95 firework display in your bath is a total bargain if you ask me.


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