Monday, 2 November 2015

Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipsticks

I've mentioned before that I think Max Factor is a high street brand that is often overlooked but there really are some hidden gems. Their Creme Puff Blush is seriously good and has become a make-up staple for me. I know a lot of big fans of their mascaras too. 


After a little browse in Superdrug I was drawn to the shiny packaging of the Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipsticks (£8.99) like a magpie. The gold just stands out and they were far too pretty to ignore. I picked up the lightest shade 10 Stay Exclusive which is a Candy Pink and 55 Eternally Luscious which looks pretty daring for Max Factor, I'm used to their shades being very 'safe' but this purple toned pink is so striking. It's nice to see something a litter different. 


They claim to have 8 hours’ long-lasting wear, which I can neither confirm or deny as that is a little longer than I'd wear lipstick for but I've been reaching for Stay Exclusive every day as it's definitely a no-hassle lipstick. Once it's on it stays put a long long time without the need for touch-ups. They are nice and easy to apply too, they're soft but not so creamy that they smear about. 


 They are infused with lip conditioners and nourishing oils which means your lips are well looked after and you're left with a bold colour and a cashmere-soft feel.

It's good to find a long lasting lip colour that doesn’t dry out lips. When I'm running about all day I don't want to have to stop to re-do my lipstick constantly or apply a lip balm. I can really just apply and go which is just perfect for me!


I really look at Max Factor in a different way now, after year of thinking it was a brand just for my Mum (sorry Mum) I actually think it's got excellent products to suit all ages.

Are you a fan of Max Factor? I'd love to know if there's any other products of theirs I need to try.


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