Monday, 26 October 2015

Aisle Style Bridesmaid Dresses UK

Being a bridesmaid is exciting, but there is an element of dread there. If you have a really understanding bride then you can make  a decision together on the dress, but in some situations you get what you're given. You have to match other bridesmaids who are likely to be of all shapes and sizes so at least a couple are going to be in dresses that don't completely flatter them. Finding identical dresses that all look fantastic on 5 or more people is very unlikely. It can be really difficult trying to keep everyone happy and most importantly, comfortable. 

Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular so wedding season is never truly over. Moving away from the traditional Summer wedding with floaty chiffon and pastel shades makes way for a whole host of things to consider when choosing what to wear. The dress needs to be practical as well as pretty. There is so much to think about and that's what makes choosing a dress so much fun -if not slightly stressful! has the most choice I've ever seen when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. There are so many beautiful designs to suit all figures from size UK4 to UK28. There's no doubt that there is something to suit every taste and I just know if a bride was to sit down and  look at this site with her bridesmaids then it would be easy to decide on something that everyone will be happy with. 

What stood out to me most was the selection process. The website makes it really easy to narrow the selection down to exactly what you're looking for. A wide selection is brilliant but nobody has time to scroll trough pages and pages of dresses. Aisle Style makes it 
easy to select a dress by selecting the  length, neckline, fabric, colour, price, sleeve length, body type -even the type of venue. You just tick the boxes and the results show you what you're looking for. Many of the dresses I looked at had over 40 colour choices so it's very likely you'll find a dress that fits with the colour scheme.

One thing that can be confusing is understanding the styles of dresses. Luckily the silhouette and hem length are demonstrated by handy little pictures if you're not sure on the lingo.

I've always like the idea of backless bridesmaid dresses, they can look so elegant and can really compliment a gorgeous up-do. Even if you're not looking for anything wedding related there's an incredible choice of evening wear and everything is such a reasonable price, most are under £100.

Some of the lace bridesmaid dresses would be brilliant to wear again at formal events - there's a couple I really need an excuse to buy myself! With my birthday around the corner and Christmas coming up I'm sure I can find an excuse to treat myself.

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  1. Firstly, So impressed they go to a size 28! When I saw the photos first I didn't think this would be something I'd be able to actually fit in so that was such a lovely surprise to see! Lovely post babe :)

    Hope you are well! Can't believe we still haven't met up yet! lol x
    Lucie xx |


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