Tuesday, 13 October 2015

30 Things I Love and Hate

I like to think we all get into a bit of a blogging slump sometimes. This happened to me recently.  While I was at a bit of a loss as to what to write about next I started to think about the posts I like to read myself. Something I will always stop to read through will be an 'about me post' or something that tells me a bit about the blogger without having to read a full paragraph. Bullet points can be a godsend after a long day, it's easy reading and usually full of easy-to-digest fun facts -and boy do I love facts.

I've written posts such as 50 Facts About Me and tags like The Story of My Life
so I thought I'd keep this one simple with some balance. I've listed Things I Love and Things I Hate. 

It was actually really tough to get this even. I had about 45 things I love that I had to limit down and only about 20 that I hated. Well aren't I just a positive little bean?!compromised at a nice round 30, I'm 30 next month so it seemed fitting.

 Now 'Hate' is a strong word, most of these just mildly annoy me. I only truly hate a handful of things and only one person. So take the 'hates' with a pinch of salt and don't take anything too seriously :)

Things I love...

  1. Reading -getting lost in a book on a train, in a coffee shop, in the bath - perfect.
  2. My Family -I couldn't ask for a better one.
  3. The Smell of Paint -I love it more than any normal person should.
  4. The Beach -it's my happy place
  5. Cooking -I love finding new recipes and cooking for people.
  6. Shopping -the best way to spend a day.
  7. New Shoes -when in doubt, buy shoes.
  8. Disney -it will always have a place in my heart at any age
  9. Stationery -new notebooks, new pens, I love it!
  10. Working Out -Endorphins = Happy.
  11. History -Learning anything about the past has always interested me.
  12. Being Creative -it relaxes me and keeps me quiet for hours if I've got a little project going.
  13. Summer -Sunshine makes everything better
  14. Fresh Bedsheets
  15. London -The best city in the world where I have incredible memories.
  16. My Friends - I'm lucky to have people around me who are beautiful inside and out.
  17. Giving Gifts -I love seeing someones face light up when I've bought them something they love
  18. Travelling -Seeing new places, meeting new people, I love seeing the world.
  19. Someone Playing with my Hair -I'd actually employ someone to do this if I was rich
  20. Massages 
  21. Blogging -it's kept me from losing my identity and given me something to focus on apart from just being Mum.
  22. Flowers -Lilies and Dutch Roses are big favourites of mine.
  23. Knee-High Boots -my Autumn/winter staple that I'll never tire of.
  24. A Clean House -Everything being clean and organised makes me feel relaxed
  25. Red Lips
  26. Dressing Up -I'll always prefer to be overdressed than under dressed.
  27. Going Out for Dinner -discovering new places to eat with good company is the best.
  28. Honesty -I discovered a while back that it's very rare.
  29. Good Manners 
  30. German Shepherds -I used to have one and I get silly around them, I love them that much.

Things I hate...

  1. Fanatics -Just like things a normal amount, would ya?
  2. Mint Chocolate -Why mess with chocolate? It tastes good as it is.
  3. Cold Tea -How can something that tastes so good when it's hot taste so bad when it's cold?
  4. Snow -Mighty inconvenient cold stuff and only looks nice for about 10 minutes.
  5. Shouting -If you have to raise your voice you're not putting your point across well enough.
  6. Primark -Too much digging around for badly made clothes that everyone has for my liking.
  7. Drugs Just say no. Unless they are prescription, then I LOVE THEM!
  8. Flat Shoes -uggs, crocs, if there's no heel I'm not interested.
  9. Facebook -It really is full of a whole different breed of idiots.
  10. Public Displays of Affection
  11. Liars 
  12. Salad Cream -what even is it? 
  13. Rain -it ruins plans and ruins hair.
  14. Laziness -doing nothing has never been a strong skill of mine.
  15. People who are offended about everything -Why waste your time and stress yourself out?
  16. Sleep -If I didn't need it I wouldn't sleep at all, it feels like a waste of life!
  17. Bad Manners there's just no excuse.
  18. Bragging -it's so not classy.
  19. Being Cold -it makes me angry when I'm cold.
  20. Being Hungry -ditto.
  21. Slow WiFi -It's sad but true, slow WiFi shouldn't be a thing in this day and age.
  22. Shaving my Legs -my legs are long and it's just EFFORT!
  23. Fish -slippery little suckers that FREAK ME OUT!
  24. Drama -if I can avoid drama I will, it's better for my well being.
  25. Music Snobs -My music taste is awful and I'm PROUD OF IT!
  26. Bin Smell -it's just the worst smell ever.
  27. Peppa Pig -There's 3 things not allowed on TV in our place, Loose Women, Jeremy Kyle And Peppa Pig. All for the same reason. They're rude, annoying  and a bad influence.
  28. Fast Food -I gave it up when I gave up toxic people and both have vastly improved my life.
  29. Phones at the Dinner Table -it's as bad as getting a book out in my opinion.
  30. Beards -unhygienic, messy and the thought of touching one makes me cringe!

Anything you agree with? If you have a similar post let me know in the comments. 



  1. This is such a lovely way of getting to know a blogger! I also hate mint chocolate (totally ruins it!) and being hungry is just not happening! Great post, lovely xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. Lol! Nice post. You hate Primark? I totally get you with the rain and slow WIFI.