Monday, 7 September 2015

Lush, a Creamy Candy Sex Bomb!

Do you ever have one of those shopping sprees planned where you psych yourself up to spend a fortune and really put yourself into debt treat yourself? You put a whole day aside, you go to a centre that has all of the shops you love, you have the cash/vouchers ready to spend and you get there and...

 ...there's absolutely nothing you want. Nada.

 And it's sods law that when you have no money to spend you want everything


Well this happened just the other week. Sam got a new job and to celebrate we went out to treat ourselves. Other than a lovely lunch and a lot of burnt calories from walking miles around the centre I was pretty much empty handed. Just before we headed home Sam had the brilliant idea (his words) of popping into Lush to get a couple of bits. With his hands aching from carrying bags full of new goodies I think he was feeling a little guilty. 

It didn't take long to pick out a couple of products to try.


Like many others I am a huge fan of the Snow Fairy shower gel and the Creamy Candy Bubble bar smells pretty similar -if not identical. As soon as I had a sniff of this it went straight in my basket! It's really sweet and like candy floss. It's described as a "sweet treat to lift your mood' -which is certainly does in my case. Sometimes I find sweet smells a bit sickly but I really love this one.

I prefer the bubble bars as you get a few uses out of them so they feel like better value. Although this one was a great price at £2.75 anyway. It has a blend of almond and cocoa butter which leaves the skin with a lovely velvety texture. It's apparently a new formula but as I haven't used it before I'm not too sure what the difference is, after a quick google I can see it's a darker pink so maybe the water goes a brighter colour than it used to? It really did make my bath a lovely deep pink colour which was really pretty and there were loads of bubbles even though I only used a third of the bar.


The second item I picked up was the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb (£3.35). I'm not usually a big fan of bath bombs, it can feel like a bit of a waste to see your money fizz up and disappear in one go! (oh Im such a cheapskate sometimes!) but the scent was lovely and it is apparently great for when you're tired, stressed out and anxious -which is me 80% of the time! 

It contains jasmine which is an ancient aphrodisiac -I guess that's where the name Sex Bomb comes in. Jasmine is used to relieve stress and anxiety so is perfect when I need to really wind down.
There's also ylang ylang to sooth worries and clary sage which clears the mind. All the ingredients sounded perfect for what I was looking for. I haven't used this yet, I'm saving it for a night where I really need to relax but I've got high hopes for it and will update as soon as I use it!

I always love getting a couple of Lush treats, even when they're not being used they make the room smell great. I've got my eye on a few other bits and I have a trip planned to the infamous 3 floor store on Oxford street with my bestie in a few weeks -I'm sure I'll be picking up a load more products to try so send over any recommendations!


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  1. I lovveee Lush bath bombs and bubble bars! These look fab. I'm so jealous, we don't have a bathtub at the moment (just a shower cubicle) and I miss pampering long baths so much. Saving for a new bathroom so fingers crossed it'll happen soon and I'll get to have baths again.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches