Monday, 21 September 2015

I just don't like Autumn

I'm really sad that Summer is over. I feel like I'm in the minority as I keep seeing so much love for my least favourite season. I just don't like Autumn. Winter I can deal with, you know what you're getting. But Autumn is the season of utter confusion and a whole lot of mess.

I wanted to share my reasons for why I'm not rushing out to buy a Pumpkin Spiced late, stock up on layers and get a onesie on.


The Mess
I'm by no means a clean freak, but Autumn is just do damn messy! Leaves and branches everywhere, muddy splashes all over the place, puddles... nature just needs to pick up after itself! Summer is much more organised and it's like Autumn comes along like a bunch of youths crashing a party and wrecks the place.

In addition to that I just can't get on with the Death Everywhere... yes that's sounds dramatic but that's what it is! The trees are dead, the leaves are dead, some might think it's pretty to look at but when you think about it I'm not the weird one here...

One item of clothing I hate wearing is a coat. Why spend ages picking a good outfit to then cover it up? I hate going in and out of hot shops where I end up carrying them anyway. It's an expensive addition to the wardrobe which takes up a lot of space. I'd rather risk being cold while travelling somewhere then have to carry around a heavy coat for the rest of the day. All my coats look brand new because I just don't wear them. For me it's a waste.

Autumn is the one time of year I actually save money on clothes because I just can't excited about shopping for anything big, bulky, chunky-knit, or plum. I can't dress for the cold weather either. I warm up quickly when I start walking about so any layers I have on end up being carried around -which is annoying! So many people pull it off but I just look ridiculous in over sized jumpers and anything knitted. I wear shorts and vests when I'm indoors so I've never seen the appeal in owning a dressing gown and aren't onesies just impractical?

Don't get me wrong, I love Autumn lip shades, berries, deep reds, I love them all. BUT they aren't too practical for me. I feel overdressed at the best of times, it doesn't help that I wear heels everywhere. But dropping Mason off to nursery or taking him swimming with a bright lip just makes me look completely over done around the other Mums. Plus he ends up with smears of it across his cheek and people must think he's extremely accident prone. 

This might be unpopular but I just don't get Halloween in this country. Yes, it's big in America, but the UK has tried for years and failed. Stop trying to make halloween happen! I must have had about 8 trick-or-treaters in my whole life time yet the shops are full of sculls, pumpkins and witches hats every year.
 It was an excuse to dress up and go out when I went through the 'nothing better to do but binge drink' stage but now it just passes me by. Don't get me wrong, if we lived in America we'd go all out, but here it seems so forced.

Surely there's not one person that enjoys the dark mornings? Getting dressed in the dark is not easy, applying make  up without natural light can only end in disaster. I know I could just switch a light on but it just feels wrong having the light on in the day. Leaving the house in the dark, coming home in the dark, it really makes me miss the sunshine!

I love coffee, and the Christmassy cups have always been exciting. I think the Costa cups are cute and I like that Caffe Nero add a little red bow. However. It's the overpriced drinks that I don't like, and I want to, I really do but they are all really sickly or just a bit weird. I always try one of the new drinks but revert back to a cappuccino pretty quick - you still get a nice cup anyway. Never mind the fact that these are always released way before Christmas (see my next point) but a lot of the drinks you can actually have at any time of the year, they always have flavoured syrups. Just saying.

I love it, but the mention of Christmas before November annoys me. I get that some people need to space out their Christmas shopping over the months so manage their money but I like to keep Christmas feeling magical and that only happens if it's a short period and not something that is strung out and stressful. Any mention of it before bonfire night and I will ignore you.

I don't like flat shoes at the best of time but to me one of the ugliest shoes going are
Ugg boots -second only to the Croc! Why is it ok to wear slippers outside? They are strange moon boots that make people walk funny and they look like teletubbies feet. I've heard they are really comfy but you've seen my shoes, comfort isn't something I worry about.

I hate rain. It ruins hair, it ruins days out (in summer it ruined barbecues and I can't forgive anything that stops me eating a burger in the sunshine) it ruins LIVES! ...probably.

in addition to that umbrellas are a complete faff. For a country with so much rain we still haven't quite managed to nail umbrella etiquette. There's people hitting each other in the head and poking people in the eye all over the shop -it's dangerous! If I carry an umbrella I will lose it. If I use it I'm them carrying around a damp umbrella while drips everywhere or I put it in my bag without thinking and make everything inside wet. And if it's rainy and windy (which it usually is) then it can go inside out and you look like a pleb. Stupid umbrellas.

To try and add a little balance and not make this post completely negative I do like
1. Boots 
2. Stew and
3. Scarves ... that's it.

Basically Autumn can do one.

I can't be the only one who's not excited by Autumn. 
Let me know if you feel the same.



  1. haha the Ugg comment is the best, I just don't see the fascination in them at all. As for Halloween I couldn't agree with you more, dressing up is fun but people just ruin it when they make their outfit slutty and irrelevant to Halloween, the whole point is to be scary otherwise don't bother.
    Great list!
    Charlotte x

    1. It's true about Halloween,Mean Girls hit the nail on the head with that one! It's not even about being scary anymore

  2. Hi Jenn!
    Loved this because I also hate autumn and I'm sick of reading all these posts talking about how great it is! You really hit the nail on the head with these points - they are the same reasons I don't like it. Cold, dark, rain, coats, umbrellas, Halloween...ugh. And why do people enjoy watching everything die? Weirdos. I'm all about the summer!
    (Except Uggs. They are The. Comfiest. Shoes. Ever.)

    1. I'm glad you agree, I can't wait for Summer! And I'll take your word for it regarding the uggs! lol x

  3. Refreshing to read something different from the gushing about autumn (which I admit I am guilty of myself, but I do bloody love it). There are loads of things I don't like about it too though, Ugg boots and weird coffee flavours are definitely amongst them. Not to mention walking to Uni in the dark!!

    Teri-May xx

    1. Yea I think the dark is the most upsetting thing, everything looks much prettier when it's bright and sunny