Monday, 28 September 2015

Denim Wish List for Autumn

Ah denim, you can't go wrong with a little denim. It works in every season and has been on trend constantly for years and years.
I basically live in my trusty pair of Miss Sixty jeans, so much so that I have 3 identical pairs! It can take forever for my to find a pair of jeans that fit well so when I discovered my perfect pair I stocked up! (just me..?)

Denim dresses are everywhere at the moment so I have a few on my wish list, along with a few other key pieces ready for Autumn/Winter.

1. Keeping it simple, this D-Ring Denim Shirt dress from Topshop is going to be great for running about getting things done in the daytime. Thrown over leggings or tights and paired with boots I'll be sorted for the nursery run and all the other errands I have to run in the week.

2. I think this 70's denim dress from Mango is my favourite of the lot. It's so cute and easily dressed up or down. I can see it getting loads of wear. Nothing to do with how incredible it looks on the model... nothing at all.

3. Closet is the brand that Sam says is 'so me'. It would impossible to not find a dress I like in there. This pretty pale blue denim skater dress  is no exception though it might be better suited for the warmer days, not that that has ever stopped me before. 

4. A slightly more dressed up version of a regular denim shirt dress, this A-Line Dress from ASOS is perfect for an evening out. I like that it has a bit of a country feel about it.

5. My denim jacket has seen better days so this Topshop denim jacket had to go on my list. Second to my jeans, a denim jacket is one of my most worn items over the last decade! 

6. It wouldn't be a proper wish list of mine if I didn't include some heels. I'm loving New Look's selection lately, these denim court shoes are great and less than £20 too!

7. This River Island 70's Dress is similar to the ASOS one but I love the shape it creates with the belt. It's a bit longer too so it can be worn a little more casually. 

8. I meant to buy a denim shirt  last Winter but I just never found one I liked that fitted well. This one looks like it might be a winner. Great with leggings, white or khaki skinnies, a tartan skirt or and I could even be brave and attempt double denim.... maybe.

9. I am loving the pinafore look of this Zip Through Dress from ASOS. It can be worn over a long sleeved top or alone if the weather permits. It's going to be great all year long, I can tell!

Oh it's terrible when I make a wish list, I just want to buy it all! I might just limit myself to two or there pieces. What would you go for first?


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