Monday, 27 July 2015

The Best Hair Mask EVER! Bleach London Reincarnation Mask

I have put my hair through hell. I'm surprised it hasn't all fallen out to be honest.

I blame pop culture. I always say 'you can't blame the media for your mistakes' but where my hair is concerned, you can.

For years I just didn't care about my hair, it was just that stuff on my head that would get in the way when I was doing a handstand. 

Then the Spice Girls came about and I wanted to be Geri Halliwell. I begged my Mum for a box of temporary die to make my hair red like hers. The subtle red tint it achieved just wasn't enough but I was like 10 and I had to make-do. I took to spending my pocket money on 99p wash out sachets and at times colouring strands of my hair with an orange highlighter. YEP.

Fast forward a couple of years and my fine, curly hair and I discovered the hair straightener. Mine was one with a little bottle at the end to add water to steam your hair straight (I guess!) I dread to think how often I changed that water -ew. From one experimental girly night and my 'friend' declaring I was now 'too much competition' with my new straight hair there was no going back. I assumed it was a compliment anyway...

The next stage. I'll just say two words. 
Sun In.

Dear oh Dear...

The straighteners became an obsession. This was the Avril Lavigne stage of 'I need to have perfectly straight hair at all times' meaning my hair was straightened at least twice a day. 


Then came the hair dye. I decided I wanted to go blonde. From a box. Like now. 

This was my experimental stage, not really based on anyone in particular, I was just bored and wanted a change.  Basically every night where my best mate and I were at a loose end we'd dye my hair. This was a couple of times a week at one point! From peroxide blonde to yellow to orange (all mistakes) to dark brown (to correct the mistakes) back to blonde again. Curling, straightening, DIY highlights, lowlights, and then I did that thing where I died the bottom half of my head almost black and the top half bright blonde so there was a definite line when it was tied up. WHY?! 
To say my hair was damaged was an understatement. My hair was brittle, uneven and barely made it to my shoulders.

No, I don't have any pictures. They have all been burnt.

I hadn't learnt my lesson. Mean Girls came about and I decided I needed to look like Lindsay Lohan. Out came the red dye. Never was one of these changes the result of a trained professional, that would be far too sensible of me. I thought 'yea, buy a box of dye in Superdrug for £4 and you'll be golden' ...or red or brunette.


I always loved my red hair the few days after dying it. oh yea, you guessed it, this was not a one-off thing! But the red would fade and go orange, the colours of months past would resurface and it would be a patchy mess. Rather than pay to sort it out I'd trot on down to Superdrug again.

All this time I was still blow-drying and straightening it daily. By this point they'd come on a long way so I didn't need to apply heat constantly for long periods of time but the damage was already done and I wasn't helping matters. I hated how flat my hair was when I straightened it (never happy) so I was back-combing the life out of it too.

It was only when I got to my early 20's that I started to sort myself out and get hairdressers to colour my hair, chop a load of it off and let it repair itself with time. 

Thankfully I've sorted my life hair out. I now barely use straighteners -how did I have the time?!  I've cut down the use of heated appliances a hell of a lot - my hairdryer hasn't been plugged in in months. My hair dries naturally in velcro rollers most of the time and I have highlights put in by a trained professional, no plastic cap and painful pointy device in sight!

I use oil on the ends and apply a mask weekly. I've loved a few hair masks and treatments over the years, there's great ones on the high street as well as more expensive brands from salons.

But guys, I've discovered the game changer! The Bleach London Reincarnation Mask. I actually came across this on instagram, and being a mask that I hadn't tried and on offer for £4 I had to give it a go.

It claims to resurrect and hydrate thirsty, bleached or coloured hair and improve elasticity. It's enriched with sunflower seed extract and micro wheat proteins to give great shine, strengthen colour vibrancy and help reduce colour fade. It sounded great and although my hair isn't as bleached as it used to be, it could still be a whole lot healthier.

The directions confused me a bit. It's advised to use before shampooing. You leave it on for 10-20 minutes and rinse well.
I actually didn't do this the first time round. I didn't read the instructions just thinking 'I know how to use a hair mask- GOSH! And I merrily applied it after a shampoo. It still worked amazingly and I was so impressed with how nourished my hair felt.


After it dried my hair was so SO silky soft! It didn't feel weighed down at all and the blonde had a lot more 'omph' to it too. Even my boyfriend commented how soft my hair felt. Even at full price (£6 at Boots) this mask is excellent value, it's a ml bottle so it's going to last me a while too. I'd pay twice the price for this (but shhh! Don't tell them that - don't want them putting the price up!) 

If you have dyed hair that's seen better days I really think you should try this out.



  1. I take your hair abuse and raise you years of bleaching, heat and hair extensions - I have the hair of an actual scarecrow. I've wondered whether this mask is any good, but now you've convinced me I need it! Will be grabbing this in Boots tomorrow :)

    Claire | | xx

  2. I use this and love it sooo much!