Thursday, 23 July 2015

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection | Lasting Finish Lipstick 45 and Soul Session Nail Polish

It's not often there's a collection that makes me immediately go 'I need this NOW' 
- ok there's a few...


But as soon as I saw pictures of Rimmel's new Nude Collection by Kate Moss I knew it wouldn't be long before I made them mine. A nude collection with nail polish and lipsticks, 2 of my favourite cosmetic products, one of my favourite  shades - it was just meant to be!


All lined up together the collection looked so pretty. Looking at the Salon Pro nail polish, my favourite of the lot was 237 Soul Session which I already have, but it did remind me how much I love it and I dug it out immediately

So pretty, so shiny and it's long lasting too! Amazing for £4.49 if you ask me!


I definitely wasn't planning on going home empty handed so it was down to me to decide on a lipstick 

"just one!" I told myself to be sensible.

Boots had a 'Buy One Get One Half Price' offer and the temptation to treat myself to two new lipsticks was strong but I had run out of a base coat so I picked up a bottle of Nail Nurse (which is proving to be pretty brilliant) for a little over £2. Beautiful.

I like to do my research before I set out to buy a lipstick - this is what blogs are so good for! I love the look of the Kate Moss collection, There are 6 shades of the Lasting Finish lipsticks  to choose from and after looking at a few swatches I decided I was most suited to either shade 42 or 45 which both have a little more pink to them.

Cutting to the chase I opted for shade 45 which is a beautiful soft rose nude. I parted with my £5.49 and headed home to play!


It has the same style packaging as the other Kate Moss lipsticks, only in a peach casing to make them easy to tell apart - so annoying when you're after Creme D'Nude and you pick up Rebel!

Like many others I love my  Kate Moss 107 so I had high hopes for the quality of this lipstick. Obviously 107 has a matte finish so there was going to be one big difference. This one is lovely and creamy and feels really moisturising.

Nudes are so easy to wear and work well for both day and night. I feel most done with a lip liner and due to how creamy it is I think it needs one - I might be wrong, give it a go! I just personally prefer it with a liner.


The shade is very 'my lips but better' with a lovely dusky rose hint to it. This has been in my bag every day since I bought it and I just love it. When it comes to lipsticks and nail polish I think Rimmel are one of the best on the high street.
I'm sure it won't be long before I try out another nude polish from the collection and I  treat myself to shade 42!

What do you think of this collection?
Do you have a favourite nude lipstick?



  1. I was so so excited when I saw this too! My Boots didn't have many of the shades left so I went for 40, which is actually a little TOO nude for me (which I never thought I would say). I still love the formula though so will definitely be picking up another - this one looks divine!

    Claire | | xx

    1. Yea this is definitely a range I'll end up owning most of! Pretty much all of the shades are something I'd wear

  2. I want to try the lip stick so much! I've heard so much good things about it.

    1. They are so lovely and a really good price too - especially if there's an offer!

  3. Beautiful pictures, love the shade x

    1. aw thanks! :) I love the shade too, it's a new favourite for sure!

  4. Love nude colors , thanks for the blog definately going to buy the lipstick :)