Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Top Bronzer Picks

Ever since I was about 18 bronzer has been a big part of my make-up routine. In fact I think it might be one of my desert island items (well not technically desert island as on a desert island I'm sure it would be hot and I'd have a natural glow anyway but for want of a better phrase it's the make-up item I love most.ok) 

Back in my teens I loved me some fake tan, I blame Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, I actually based my look on her at one stage, I had red hair that was really hard to maintain (and get out -never going red ever again!) paired with my orangey glow and I always wanted more. BRONZER EVERYWHERE. 

As time went on I learnt to be more subtle and tone it down a few shades. Less terracotta, more sunkissed. 

Anyway I wanted to share 4 of the bronzers that I now consider to be my favourites.


HD Brows Bronzer 2 is actually something I picked up by mistake, I was meant to be buying the brow palette but I was in a rush (ok ok...we were at the ideal home show and it was at Amy Childs Stand and I wanted a picture with her! - don't judge) but it turns out it's a really great medium depth powder which has become a firm favourite in my make-up bag. It's really great for nights out as it's a little more striking than the others. With no orange tone it's a great big leap away from the bronzers of years past and it's really long lasting too.
It has a slight touch of shimmer to it but it's really subtle. It's really pigmented so I don't need a lot of it at all, it's going to last me a really long time. 
I canremember how much I paid (Amy Childs haze- I'm not even a big fan, I just get excited by celebs!) but it retails at around £20.

I have a few favourites from MAC so I had to include one. The one I've been reaching for most lately is MAC Extra Dimension Bronzer,  Aprodites Shell. 
Firstly the packaging of this one is so pretty, I love the turquoise mermaid feel of this collection. This was actually from Save on Make-Up where it is much cheaper than the RRP (£19.99 instead of £26).
This is the most golden of the lot and it has a very light shimmer which to be honest, is almost unnoticeable. The texture is a little different, it's not quite a cream bronzer but it's not powdery, either way it's still easy to apply and I love the slight pearlised finish it gives when it's buffed in.

Benefit's Hoola was where the obsession started. I love this bronzer and I've repurchased it loads of times. It's the perfect contour product for me, the flat brush makes it really easy to apply to the cheeks and I blend it in with my Real Techniques contour brush. I love that with Benefit box blushes you get a decent brush, I find with a lot of products that contain a brush I never end up using them as I have a better version myself but the Benefit ones are such great quality. Some say that Benefits boxed powders are overpriced at £23 but for me this has been a staple in my collection for years and I love it!


The newest addition to my collection is the Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzer. It's
created to be used all year and I really think it will be. Its so lovely and subtle, the mat non-pearlescent formula makes it great for contouring or adding a bit of a glow to your complexion . It's especially good for day wear as its not as deep as Hoola. This has been excellent for the days where I look under the weather, when I've added this I look so much healthier.  I have 'light glow' but there is a darker shade available too. 
This bronzer claims to smooth out skin too which I was a little dubious about but it really does seem to give me a bit of an airbrushed effect with no effort at all.
The best news is this one is the cheapest of the lot at just £7.99 

Swatches from top to bottom- Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzer, MAC Extra Dimension Bronzer -Aprodites Shell, HD Brows Bronzer 2, Benefit Hoola

I think the high street has come a long way in the last couple of years, you don't have to spend a fortune on a really great product. I'd love to hear what your favourite bronzers are - I'm always on the look out to find some more to add to my stash! 



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  1. I still can't believe I haven't tried Hoola, I feel like such an imposter in the blogging world haha!

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