Thursday, 30 July 2015

Late night thoughts that I'll probably delete

Ever feel like you were just destined to be unhappy?

 It's like our own happiness doesn't matter any more. Maybe it never did. 
Trying to make ourselves happy just makes others unhappy. 
Sometimes I don't even think it truly does, people just like to 'make out' it does. 
Everyone loves a drama, don't they?

Something might mildly irritate someone, but not make them unhappy. Not really affect them and give them sleepless nights.

 If I change anything it will only make me miserable and others, well probably no different to be honest. When people make their minds up it's hard to go back. It's a waste of time trying to change a persons perception.

 I don't have the energy to fight. I've faced far too many obstacles now for far too little reward. I've had millions of lows and a handful of ups. 

And even a load of those ups I now realise were 
just a waste of time and effort. 

Even the best times of my life I was miserable inside as I knew I was upsetting someone. Maybe that's life. 

If it is, well life is crap.

 Being selfless gets you walked all over, 
being selfish gets you hated. 

Even being somewhere in the middle gets you hated because people much prefer to hate these days. That's our generation for you. 

Being fake just isn't me. I can be civil, but I don't lie. 

I guess that is a problem. 
Is fake really the way forward?
Yea, life really is crap.

I just want to be met half way, 
I want people to accept that everyone is different, 
that everyone has an opinion and it might be different but

People judge, that's how it is, but to hate for pointless things, isn't that an awful lot of effort? 


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