Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Square Snaps Greeting Cards

It seems you can do almost anything with your Instagram pictures these days. Magnets, Photos... MARSHMALLOWS! It's a great way to get a little creative and even make some lovely personalised gifts for someone.

I personally love that because I personally love anything personalised.


Square Snaps let you print out your pictures so they aren't just stored on your phone and left there until they are forgotten about and eventually disappear into oblivion. I mean, how often do you look back through your old Instagram shots? There must be so many hidden gems I've completely forgotten about. It's not all about gaining 'likes' you know, these are memories people! 

They give you the option to make Instagram prints in a variety of sizes from their Mini Snaps which are a diddy 2.5" up to Super Snaps which are 8" wide. You can even opt for Polaroid style pictures which look great.

They have another option which is great for Fathers Day. I've printed 10 Greeting cards and it couldn't have been easier to do.


After selecting the 'Greeting Cards' option on their website you then upload your images. You can choose to upload from Instagram or from your computer if you prefer. I personally mix and matched. The pictures are then printed on 6"x6" card and sent out to you. 

It's really given me the chance to be a bit creative. With Fathers Day coming up I had not only my own Dad to think about but Mason needed to sort out a card for Sam. I always like to  put a lot of thought into my cards, and I knew this was going to be a way to give them something personal and it was going to look like something you could buy in the shops. A homemade card without PVA glue - awesome!

I've now got my Father's Day cards sorted and some extra ones to send little notes to friends and family as and when I need them. I'm sure they're going to put a smile on everybody's faces.


The cards were nicely packaged and through my letterbox within 3 days. The set of 10 cards was £9.90 with free delivery. I did find that a couple of the images looked a little grainy so make sure you have a high quality image.


I'm looking forward to sending these out, I'm even tempted to keep a couple for myself!... it's weird to send yourself a card, right?

Why not print personalised greeting cards yourself? Order them now so you get them in time for Fathers Day!
If you use offer code photojennic10 you will get 10% off your order if you order before 7th July.

*these were kindly gifted to me but all views are 100% my own



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  2. What a lovely idea, I'd never thought of trying this before :) x