Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to Work Off your Wimbledon Favourites

Wimbledon always creeps up on me, and I live pretty close to the town so it only hits me when the traffic warning signs start going up. It is the ultimate British sporting event and for me it says 'SUMMER IS HERE!' -even if a lot of it gets rained off! 

I admit I have very little interest in watching tennis, I just can't sit still for that long! But you can't help but love everything that goes along with it. Picture the sunshine, the strawberries and cream, the crisp-white outfits, glasses of Pimms, champagne, cucumber sandwiches, scones and tea. Ohh So British!

You'd have to get up there and play a couple of games yourself to work off those treats! But how much? Here's a little guide to show you how much you would need to play if you want to indulge a little.


Just 2 minutes of tennis to work of a cup of tea? - I can work with that!

Alcohol is the one that I am known to (for want of a better phrase) BANG ON about. But when I learnt how calorific drinks were I wasn't surprised why I was at my biggest during my heavy drinking days! Just stick to champagne - it makes you look classy and it's kinder to the waistline! Though a glass of Pimms is just so tempting in the sunshine. If you want to work those 234 calories off you'll have to play tennis for 32 minutes - you'd think all that fruit would cancel it out!

I would have told myself I was being super duper healthy if I was tucking in to a bowl of strawberries but adding 75g of double cream to 10 strawberries means you would be running about on that court for almost an hour to burn it off! Might as well have another glass of Pimms...

I reckon everything is ok in moderation but it's good to know these things. Being educated is never a bad thing. It's only once a year anyway, go and cheer on Andy Murray or... whoever! and treat yourself!

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