Friday, 12 June 2015

Become the Face of Cosmopolitan Fragrance

We've all heard of Cosmopolitan Magazine right? Back in the day I referred to it as my Bible (totally because Elle Woods did in Legally Blonde!) Even if I'm not reading the magazine I'm making their way through their Twitter feed.


Well Cosmopolitan are running a #CosmoFace competition to be the face of their new fragrance, in fact there will be 3 people chosen so there's a pretty decent chance at being picked -ever the optimist! ...It's definitely worth a go! 

It's not professional models they are after, it's just fun fearless females who are partial to a selfie! I think it's safe to say that's pretty much all of us, right?

If you consider yoursef a fun fearless female with a love of beauty and perfume you should give it a go. Being the face of a fragrance is pretty damn impressive, imagine adding that to the CV!

To take part simply upload your selfie here. Make sure you upload a head and shoulders shot and you need to be over 18 and available for a photoshoot on 20th July.
You can share your entry on Twitter and Facebook using the #CosmoFace hashtag.

The competition is judged by experts at  Cosmo, jigsaw, and Boots so good luck!


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