Monday, 4 May 2015

Disney Wish List

Have I mentioned I'm off to Disneyland a WEEK TODAY?! .... yea a couple of times.

It's no secret that I love Disney as much as I love high heels so to say that I'm excited is an understatement. I've wanted to go as a family since our son was born but I wanted to make sure he'd be the right age to really enjoy it. He loves all of the Disney classics and even the princesses so I'm certain he's going to absolutely love it. I get really emotional at Disneyland anyway - I first went when I was 22 and I cried when I saw the parade!...yep. I know seeing Mason with his favourite characters is going to have my bawling my eyes out -I'm packing a good waterproof mascara! (Lancome Hypnose waterproof if you are wondering...)

Everything I've got ready to pack for M has a Disney theme -I've got really into this! And I've been tempted to pick up a few bits for myself. Here's what I've seen on my online travels so far.

1. Mickey Case
I love the idea of a Mickey suitcase! You'd definitely see that coming around the conveyer belt a the airport and there's nothing like themed luggage to make you feel well put together for a trip to Disney!

2. Sleeping Beauty tee
Sleeping beauty is who I count as 'the' Disney princess - it is her castle after all! I love the film, it's one that really does feel like a proper classic fairy tale. 

3. Little Mermaid Bikini
Hot Topic know how to do great Disney bits and pieces and their Disney bikinis are brilliant! The Little Mermaid was the first film I saw at the cinema and it also came out on DVD on the day of my 21st birthday. It's got a big place in my heart. 

4. Disney print Bomber Jacket
I'd really like a Disney jacket and have been toying with the idea of buying myself one. Something lovely and colourful, a great print but not too 'in your face' either. 

5. Peter Pan Snow Globe
I want to get a snow globe for M's room. He loves Peter Pan and I think something like this would be a lovely thing to keep. The detail on the Disney globes is incredible. 

6. Shell PJs
There are a few of these about, they aren't strictly 'Disney' but they obviously a nod  in that direction. I love the shell print shorts, so cute! Proper mermaid vibes. 

7. Crop Top
I love a crop top and the pattern on this one is great and quite subtle. I'd actually wear this out side of Disneyland -even if technically I might be a little too old to wear Mickey mouse across my chest. 

8. Disney Tote 
I think this bag is brilliant, they have 3 different designs but this is my favourite. A nice grown up take on something Disney and practical too!

9. Minnie Mouse Ears
No trip to Disneyland is complete without some headgear of some sort. I already have some for Mason and I still have my old Minnie ears from last time I went. I will definitely be picking up some new ones specially for this trip though.

Are you ever to old to love Disney?
Have you been to Disneyland?



  1. I'm loving that suitcase! I'm going to Florida in August and I'll definitely be picking up some ears - I went 2 years ago (in fact I went to Paris last yr) and never bought any ears on either of these trips - what on earth was I thinking?! I hope you have a fab time, hope to see a blog post on it soon! x

  2. I need that sleeping beauty tshirt in my life! I'm a massive disney fan, it's all about the princesses for me.

    Rosy |