Thursday, 19 March 2015

This Month's Coloristiq Box

I'm really enjoying receiving my monthly nail polish rental box from Coloristiq.

If you haven't heard of them before, it's a monthly nail polish rental where you receive 3 polishes a month from a wishlist you create on their website. You try them out for a month, send them back and you get another 3 shades sent to you. It's a really great way to try out nail polish shades for a fraction of the cost! 


I loved my last box and the one before that and as we move into Spring things are getting a little more colourful. I wanted to share what I got inside this month. Again, all of my polishes were by China Glaze, I think this is down to my wish list mainly consisting of their polishes as there are so many shades I love. Coloristiq also stock Essie, Morgan Taylor and OPI which I think you'll agree are all great brands.

The first shade I tried was Dune Our thing, a raspberry-magenta pink from China Glaze's Off Shore Collection. I personally love this collection, there’s some great bright shades in there so I’m hoping to try a few more. This only needed one coat and was really long lasting, I left it on far longer than I've left any other polish as it looked fresh for so long. 


My favourite of the box is a shade I've been looking at for a while so I was pleased to try it out. That’s Shore Bright is a really bright purple from the Sensational Collection which is another collection I love! China Glaze really know how to do a bright polish and I love having striking colours on my nails. This is one I was really looking forward to trying. I love lilac shades and I love neons so this was right up my street. It's so beautiful and unique. It was hard for me to send this one back! 


Nice Caboose is from the all aboard collection. It's a plum with a subtle pink shimmer to it. It reminds me of blackcurrant ice lollies. It’s the darkest of the bunch but felt right for the beginning of the month as we were slowly moving into warmer weather. I found this one a little tricky to remove though due to the glitter particles.


Coloristiq have added new shades so I have added a few of them to my wish list. They are new collections such as OPI - 50 Shades and China Glaze - Road Trip which are lovely and bright for Spring/Summer so they really keep their range up to date. 

I'm excited that I’m receiving more bright shades in my box. I have seen that Morgan Taylor have a couple of brighter ones too so it will be nice to compare another brand but Coloristic is making me a huge China Glaze fan for sure!



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  2. I love the lila one :)

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    little taste of heaven

    1. It's a great shade isn't it?! Thanks I'll take a look! :)

  3. This is an amazing idea - why have I never heard of this?

    1. It's genius! I'm surprised it's not been done before!

  4. All of these shades are so lovely and bright! Great for this time of year :)

    Rebecca Coco

    1. I'm excited to try out a few more bright ones as it gets warmer

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    1. It's a great shade of pink for this season for sure!