Monday, 2 March 2015

They're not the same, they're SIMLIAR - Comparing Barry M Mint shades

I love Barry M nail paints, I especially love the Gelly Hi Shine range. The shine is great and they look so high quality too. For £3.99 you just can't go wrong really.


When I saw they were adding some new shades to the range I was excited. On their release date I went right out to have a closer look and I was immediately drawn in by Sky Blue. I love pale blue and I think its going to be a big shade fro Spring. It made its way into my basket along with a couple of the Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints 


It was only when I returned home and I added them to the rest of my collection that I realised it was a similar shade to a couple of others from the range. I love anything that veers towards the duck egg shades so it's no surprise that I have similar colours.

I wanted to show you the difference for anyone who might not be sure which they prefer.

From a distance there isn't a huge difference but the new addition, Sky Blue is definitely a lot more blue than the others - hence the name I guess! Sugar Apple has a lot more green to it and is more of a turquoise/mint shade. Huckleberry is the palest of the three being more of a baby blue which is quite sheer but can be built up.

L - R Sky Blue, Sugar Apple, Huckleberry

I'm wearing 2 coats of each apart from Huckleberry where I added an extra one as it's a bit lighter. I honestly can't pick a favourite! They are all great for Spring time.


I personally love all of these shades and I'll get a lot of wear out of all of them, that's for sure.

But I hope this helps if you are more sensible than me and like to have more of a range of colours in your collection!


These are currently 2 for £7 at Boots if you wanted to pick up a couple. I love Gelly Hi Shine, though maybe I need to try out a few more shades and branch out a bit!

Do you like mint polish? What's your favourite?



  1. I love the colours of all three!

  2. I think Sugar Apple is my favourite of the three, but they are all gorgeous colours :)

    Kimberley xx