Friday, 13 March 2015

The Book Of Mum Review

Mother's Day can be a tricky one, especially where my Mum is concerned. She's not your typical Mum, she's not into toiletries or bath sets, she's an amazing cook but she doesn't bake, she's not keen on chocolate or anything sweet really. she's not a massive fan of flowers in the house and doesn't enjoy being pampered. She doesn't wear a lot of jewellery and doesn't even like shopping for clothes! She's always preferred to spend her money on us kids than herself. It's sweet but it makes buying her a present really tough!

Anything personal and thoughtful is the way forward for Mum, something that really means something.

The Book of Mum looked like something that would work. A book designed just for her. It's described as the “perfect personalised gift for friends, family and partners” 
 -it sounded like a good start!


The book is from The Book of Everyone who create books personalised to the person it is for and it takes no time at all. They say “each book is filled with amazing personalised facts, wonderful statistics and all told through a nostalgic glance back to the world the person was born into.”  It sounded like a really interesting concept and unlike any other personalised book I'd seen before.

Ordering the book was really easy, you simply enter the name of who it’s for, followed by their birthday, it then sets to work finding out interesting facts about the year they were born. I liked the little machine churning away while the page loaded – that was a nice touch and really made me feel like something great was being created – I wasn’t wrong!

There’s a  choice of 9 colours for the cover, I decided on the pale pink. You scroll through the 50 pages and preview each page as you go along. There’s a little pencil symbol for the pages that you can  customise even further to make the book have a more personal touch. 


You have the option to add photographs and quotes or keep the ones they’ve chosen for you. It's great to have that option as you can throw in little in-jokes or quotes that are personal to you. 

My mum has always taught us that the first one to shout loses the argument and I wanted to make sure that was in there as it's one of her great words of wisdom that we all live by. 


Some of the pages are easily revamped by simply changing background designs to something more suited to the person it is for. I liked that the designs vary so much and it's not just a case of changing a colur scheme.

Even the pages that you can't change  are all still beautifully designed and full of fascinating information. 

It was a lot of fun to create and I found out some great facts. There’s really interesting bits of trivia throughout the book such as how many heart beats she's had so far and the world events in the year she was born. I think it's great for anyone to read, I found it really interesting! I wanted to make sure I filed it with pictures of the family too. 


It comes in a digital version for £7.50, a softcover book for £19.50 or hardback for £29.50. There’s also a deluxe edition for £49.50 which is presented in a box with a ribbon marker, padded covers silk head and tails and printed on mohawk paper, the price also includes a digital version and shipping to mainland UK is included too.

The book is such a perfect present milestone birthdays or for unique gift for a new baby. It's definitely one of those thoughtful gifts you want to keep.



  1. Aw what a lovely present :)

    1. I love unique presents so this was right up my street

  2. Wow what an absolutely gorgeous personal present I would love to get this for my grandma to say thanks for bringing me up and I think the price is really justified xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. You should! It's a l lovely present and my Mum loves it!