Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Relationship Q+A

I saw this on Fuzzy Little Balrog and I thought it was a lovely idea to share a bit about my relationship.
All is never black and white and I think its great to give a bit of an insight into my life.


Where did you first meet?  
We worked together at a make over studio. I'd been there 6 months or so and he was the new guy that was working in another department. I noticed him straight away and once we got talking we clicked immediately. I've never had such a strong connection with a person before.

What was your first meeting like? 
Sam was in the middle of training with another member of staff. She was introducing him to their clients as "Paul" for some reason. He was stood next to me and lent over and went "my name isn't even Paul" I giggled and he went off to see to the clients. I don't really remember the first proper conversation but your departments worked closely together so I had to spend a lot of time alongside him which was great. 

How long have you been together? 
We will be celebrating 4 years together in May when we go to Disneyland!

The first kiss? 
WELL. The first was a big of a naughty drunken kiss when we both had partners and celebrated our joint birthdays out with work. It was over pretty quickly as we knew it really shouldn't have happened. Just over 2 years later it happened again in the form of Sam catching me off guard at the station after leaving work together. There had been a power cut at work and we were sent home early. There had been a lot of flirting in the day, lots of being silly about it being dark at work and everything being a bit more exciting. He turned to me and said what would you do if I kissed you right now (smooth, I know) and then kissed me before I got on my train and went home feeling really happy but with my head all over the place as things were finally going somewhere after 2 years. You know Tim and Dawn in the office... that.

What is your favourite quality of his? 
His passion. Anything he does he really throws himself into it. He gives his all with everything and is just amazing. 

What is your favourite physical feature? 
His arms, he's really strong so he has great arms. He has a very pretty face too. I an see him looking like Hugh Jackman when he gets older which is a good thing!

What would be your ideal trip away as a couple? 
I can't wait to go to Disneyland in May, it's going to be lovely to see Mason's reaction to everything. But for us as a couple I think the best type of holiday for us would be something really luxurious and flashy. Somewhere hot and exotic where we can relax, have massages and eat amazing food. 

Have you met his family? 
I have. His Granny is hilarious and I love her. He's got loads of brothers so it's hard to keep track of them all but I have huge respect for his bother Jordan, he's a good egg. 

Do you have plans together? 
Of course. We have a child together so it's kind of hard not to. In a nutshell it's just to be happy and continue to do exciting things together.

What is your favourite memory together? 
That is a really tough one. I have so many from when we were friends or from the early stage of being together. We used to just sit in his room chatting for hours and hours. We had next to no money and would have sandwiches for dinner. I remember thinking 'If Im this happy now when we have nothing, imagine how perfect things are gong to be in the future". But Mason being born was obviously the biggest and most amazing memory, Sam completely broke down and I've never seen him so loved-up and proud of me. 

If you fill this in too please let me know in the comments, I love reading this sort of thing!


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