Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentines Photo Box

This is the forth product in my Valentines gift series. I've been searching around for some great ideas that are a little bit different from the usual flowers and chocolates.


They say a picture paints a thousand words and I'd have a guess that most people spending Valentines together have a few memories to look back on. While a photo of the 2 of you in a frame might feel a bit much a little collection of pictures can seem really cute and is a little more low-key. The recipient won't feel like they have to hang it on the mantle piece for all to see but you still get the same effect.

Printic is an app that makes it really easy to print the photos stored on your phone. They have released a Valentines photo box which is such a brilliant idea.

I love to have actual photos to look at and I find when actually printing them out I stumble across old ones a lot more often than if they were stored on a computer. It's not often I go looking through old photo files but I can spend a couple of hours chatting away over and old photo album. Maybe I'm old fashioned?!


Using an app gives you the chance to print your photos without putting them on a CD, linking your phone up to your computer or even leaving the house!

 It's really simple, the app accesses your pictures from your phone and Instagram and you simply chose which ones you would like to print out.


You can opt for the sizes 3X4", 4X4" or 4X5" and you can select what colour to make the border.

You can preview your pictures beforehand and even include little messages on each picture if you like.

To tie-in with the Valentines theme I kept my borders red, black and white and I chose a selection of picture of us from way back in the day to right up to last week. I love how they look and they tell a little story too!


I think this box makes for a perfect little gift and it's not too cheesy either. The box gives you something to keep them safe and it saves on gift wrap too.

The Valentines box is £14.76 and it includes 50 pictures. Shipping is free worldwide and I recieved my box a few days after ordering.


Download the app to any Android, iOS or Windows phone and give it a go yourself. 



  1. Aw I love this idea! I hate getting just chocolates or something cliche because I think it's so boring. I love the personal touch of this and who doesn't love pictures?!