Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Our Valentines Day


I really love Valentines Day. 

Everything about it excites me, it's the month after boring January so it's something to look forward to and break up the dull months before Spring. All the shops look lovely with all the red and pink everywhere. And it's an excuse for Sam and I to just be 'us'.

I've loved Valentines when I was single,  when I just in the early ages of seeing someone or in a proper relationship. People watching on Valentine's is the best! I really like seeing people wandering around with big bunches of flowers and seeing couples in restaurants enjoying their time together.


When you become parents its easy to get wrapped up in a busy life and of course put your children first. We try to make sure we spend a lot of quality time together as it is but it can be tricky. Valentine's gives us a good excuse to make some time just for us. Pretty much every other day of the year involves being a parent, Valentine's is about a couples love/lust (in my eyes, no offence to anyone who thinks differently) and I love that this day give people the push to go 'we haven't been out together in ages, let's do something' It's a little nudge to remember to appreciate the ones you love.

I was surprised with a cupcake and card from my lovely best friend. Just like Sam and I, we often treat each other and give each other surprises throughout the year, little treats left on the doorstep and stuff and Valentine's is no different. She knows I think the world of her all the time.

I know a lot of people say 'you should show people you love them every day, and we do - but there's nothing wrong with having a day dedicated to it! Same with Mothers/Father Day, Anniversaries...Christmas. I really like it so *sticks tongue out to the haters*

Sam and I planned to spend the day together rather than just going out for a meal in the evening. 


Throughout the week I was treated to a few little bits here and there. I was bought a little gingerbread biscuit (my favourite) and a new Moleskine to draw in as mine was getting full. The great thing about my new one is that it's a Minnie Mouse version and I love it! I spend a lot of my spare time drawing and getting my thoughts out so a new notebook always makes me smile. 

Sam bought me my favourite flowers (lilies) and some in the bunch were dyed purple so they looked extra special. I've never been a big fan of roses which I guess is a bit of a result around Valentines day! He got me a load of bits from Lush too in an attempt to make me take more time for myself and relax.


The main amazing present was a trip to Disneyland! Words can't even explain how excited I am for this. I'm a massive Disney fan, I've wanted to go with Sam and Mason for ages but we wanted to make sure Mason was the right age to appreciate it. It's easily jumped up to be the best Valentines present I've ever had and it will be tough to beat, that's for sure!

I gave Sam a bottle of Bleu De Chanel and I made him a bouquet of sweets which I'm pretty proud of! I also made him this card with Beyonce lyrics on it as this song mean a lot to us.



In the morning we had breakfast and then my Mum picked our son up for the afternoon while headed into London together. London is one of my happy places and where Sam and I met so it always makes me smile. 

I've not been feeling 100% so we had to take it relatively easy and just stuck to the Southbank which was fine as there's loads to do and it's a lovely walk along the river -even in February wearing a skirt. 


We had lunch overlooking the river and then headed to the Tate Modern where we giggled at pretentious art. There was a room which was pitch black and then projected imaged of ghost looking children into the room. I lasted all of 2 seconds before I screeched a profanity  and ran out. I'm sure I will be having nightmares about that for weeks to come!


We went to Oxo Tower for a couple of drinks and looked out at the amazing view of my favourite city. 

Then in the evening we picked up Mason and made heart shaped pizzas (and a load of mess) as a family. It was such a lovely day and I'll jump at any excuse to spend a whole day with Sam chatting away amongst ourselves with nothing to worry about. It was a perfect balance as it was really nice to finish of the day as a family.


How was your Valentines?